On the Road: Session 01 (October 14 2016)

Gremlin is hanging out in The Strand in Tallahassee, working on assembling his team to head across country to the West Coast. George has signed on and plans to compile a travelogue of their time on the road. Troy has recently breezed into town, but is eager to get back on the road again, as he doesn’t really feel comfortable around so many people.

Troy introduces Gremlin to his former roadmates, Alex, Marcus, and Maude, a Brainer, Angel, and Gunlugger, respectively. Gremlin makes some conversation with the trio, and finds that Alex and Marcus are looking to collect some alligator eggs before they head back up north.

Gremlin heads off to talk some local gator hunters, and facilitates a bargain with K-Bar and his buddies, who will act as local guides, in exchange for Marcus’ services as an Angel.

Gremlin and Troy make an agreement with Maude. She will accompany the group as far as San Angelo, Texas. For free, in fact. After that, they will see.

Gremlin speaks to the group, says he doesn’t know what to expect on this trip, as no one’s gone that far west and come back to report on it. He tells them that he can’t guarantee there will be fortune and glory, but if there is jingle to be had, the group will share equally. This seems to suit everyone just fine.


This was just a sort of “get your feet wet” session, and Greaser’s player wasn’t available, so we didn’t go too far.