On the Road: Session 16 (March 31 2017)

Greaser and George exit the tent, and Gremlin accompanies them to meet up with Amy. One of the girls gets Gremlin’s attention, and says that Amy wants to get everyone in place for the plan. They head over to the bus to retrieve Troy. The girl asks Troy if he’d be available to help with first aid once things get going. He agrees. She also mentions to Troy that Maude got a message back, she’s pretty sure that there’s still at least one spy in the camp.

Everyone heads back toward Amy’s camp. Once they get there, the crew is split up. Troy is brought all the way to the north edge of the camp, to a tent that’s been set up as a makeshift medical center. One of Amy’s girls introduces herself as Dr. Lauren, and gives Troy the ground rules, warning him that a lot of the girls haven’t been touched by a man in quite some time, so they may be a bit twitchy. She also reminds him that sterility is priority #1, and tells him to make sure no one’s blood gets on him. He surprises her by asking how he should approach the girls when he needs to treat them. She asks him if he knows what an abortion is, tells him how it was her job in The Day Before, and how it made a lot of people really angry. When she asks him if he could do such a thing, his only question is “How much?”

When Dr. Lauren mentions that if any of the mercenaries are wounded, they’ll have to be brought here as well, Troy asks if it would better to have a separate area for them. She says they can’t spare the resources.

Greaser and his gang are brought to the big top. He can see that the wires and the lighting has all been taken down, in preparation for breaking down the tent itself. Everyone is gearing up, checking weapons and armor. One of the girls, obviously in a position of authority, approaches Greaser, sizing him up as a fellow commander. She offers him a swig from her flask, genuine Day Before vodka, and introduces herself as Lila Gutierrez, USMC. When he expresses confusion at her use of the term Corps, she explains the difference between the Marines and the Army Corps of Engineers (as Lester’s crew used to be known). She says she was stationed up near Canada on the Big Day, then explains where Canada is. She asks about “the package”, and Greaser explains that George has a very special way of looking at the world.

Gremlin is brought to the command tent. He talks to Amy about the Day Before. She asks him what he would do in her position. He says that he would take advantage of their condition, in order to keep knowledge alive. He tells her about his father, who was a lawyer in the Day Before, and how he used to tell him about history, ancient cultures that were around thousands of years ago. He speculates that something like the Big Day may very well have happened before. This gives him hope that humanity can come back from it.

George wants to talk to Greaser and his gang one last time before everything goes down. Amy and Gremlin escort them to the big top. Greaser leads them over to where his guys are hanging out. George addresses the gang with an inspiring speech about remembering what the ultimate goal is: to heal the world.

From the medical tent, Troy can hear someone ringing a bell. Greaser, Gremlin, George, and Amy can hear it from the big top. Outside, everyone can see the bridge very slowly rotating into place.

Amy and Gremlin escort George to the precipice. Now that it’s in place, Gremlin can see exactly how huge the bridge is. Across from them is Leon’s entourage, led by Leon himself. He’s huge, easily 7 feet tall. He’s wearing a belt made from human bones, and wears a crown made from a gigantic animal skull. He’s also carrying a sword from the Day Before that might only be ceremonial, but Gremlin is not inclined to test the theory. Several men with rifles are visible up in the control room, along with a number of people that appear to be hostages.

Leon approaches the group. He walks right up to George and greets them, saying that he looks forward to making the future with them. He turns his attention to Gremlin and they greet each other. Leon asks them same thing as Dr. Lee: what’s so important that he would give George up to cross the bridge? Gremlin politely tells him that it’s his own business. Leon says that if Gremlin ever comes back this way again, the price will be the answer.

Greaser is watching from the flap of the big top, and sees Leon lead Gremlin, George, and Amy up the ramp. Just then, two of Amy’s girls emerge from tents on either side of the path leading up to the ramp, and they aim grenade launchers and fire. The projectiles arc through the air toward the bridge, just as the ramp begins to raise. They land directly at Leon’s feet. He looks down just in time to see them begin to emit a caustic gas.

All hell breaks loose. There’s a loud WHOOMPF, and a rocket streaks out from the big top to slam into the tank with a large explosion.

Leon grabs George. Gremlin lunges forward and slams both fists into Leon’s solar plexus, knocking the wind out of him. It’s successful, and Leon is forced to inhale strongly, and he slumps down. He falls over just as Gremlin loses consciousness.

Greaser and his guys storm the bridge as the ramp is raising up, they’ll need to work fast to take the control room. They rush in and engage Leon’s crew. Between the gas itself and the masks, visibility is next to nothing, so it’s all a rush of flesh and weapons. They manage not to trample Gremlin and George in the process.

Greaser is able to make out the form of Dale, and together they make their way toward the staircase. There’s some opposition from above in the form of a couple of guys with rifles, but he’s able to break through, impaling one of them on his machete. He takes a couple of shots in the process. His guys make short work of the other riflemen, but one of the girls (he can’t tell which one due to the gas mask) takes a bad shot in the process. Greaser orders Dale to tend to her. He directs the hostages, who he guesses are Corps, to reverse the retracting of the bridge. After a moment, they come to their senses and begin working the levers.

In the medical tent, Troy can hear Maude’s voice on the radio, informing that she is fully engaged, followed by a surge of activity from the camp outside. He glances outside to see most of the mercenaries rushing past to engage Leon’s camp, but also spots Johnny Red and half a dozen of his guys sneaking off into Amy’s camp. He confers with the doctor, but she doesn’t have any experience with this. He brings it to the attention of the two girls guarding the tent, and one of them dashes out to inform command. The remaining one tells everyone to take cover behind something, and she keeps an eye on the door.

Gremlin is awakened by someone stomping on his hand as they barrel past. Amy, George, and Leon are still unconscious. Gremlin scrambles up and grabs George, dragging them off to the side out of the way of the stampede, but not before taking a few knocks. He fights his way through the stream of advancing mercenaries to head down the ramp, pausing to yell at one of Amy’s girls that Amy herself is still on the bridge, and they need to get her out of there.

At the bottom of the ramp, Gremlin is met by Kickstand (who he doesn’t know by name, just that he’s a current member of the gang). Kickstand tells him to give George to him, and Gremlin compromises that tells the him to follow him. They make a beeline for the big top, as Gremlin is banking on it being guarded. This pays off as two of the girls raise their guns and order both of them to get on their knees. Gremlin complies, and very carefully lays George down on the ground, but Kickstand disappears into the bleachers, taking a couple of shots at the girls. One of them trades gunfire with him as the other keeps her gun trained on Gremlin.

Kickstand takes a couple of shots at the girl covering Gremlin, and she goes down. Gremlin scoops up George again and makes for the boat. Kickstand tells him to drop George and back off and he won’t kill him.

Troy hears the radio chirp, and Maude says “target neutralized.” One of Amy’s girls cuts in, looking for Amy. Troy responds, and after she figures out who he is, says they’re on their way back, but there are others inbound as well, ETA 15 minutes. Maude responds that she’s on her way back as well. He warns them that Johnny Red and some of his guys have hung back and are skulking through Amy’s camp, likely looting the place. Crosstalk from Leon’s people muddies up the signal. Troy fiddles with the radio, adjusting the gain to maximize the clarity while listening, then turning it down again to speak, and he’s able to get some useful intel to the scout team behind the lines. Johnny Red’s guys attempt to breach the medical tent. Troy makes a grab for a pistol on a table, and one of the invaders takes a shot at him.

Greaser has control of the bridge. The wounded girl has stopped moving. Dale seems to be alright. Greaser tells him to grab one of the rifles, and start sniping at Leon’s camp. Greaser heads back down the stairs. Back on the bridge, Greaser waits for the stampede to end and follows along behind.

He emerges from the bridge into Leon’s camp to see it overrun. He can see some of Leon’s slaves fleeing toward the trees on the far side of the camp, and reasons that the doctor would likely head in that direction as well. Just then, his back explodes with pain. He realizes that the shot came from behind and above. He fights through the pain and continues forward, intent on fulfilling his promise to find the doctor and end him.

Gremlin keeps Kickstand talking long enough for the surviving guard to ambush him, but not before he gets a shot for his trouble.

The surviving guard emerges from the bleachers and immediately goes to check on the downed one, but it’s obvious that she’s dead. Gremlin emerges from the boat and asks what her name was. She tells him she was her sister, and her name was Chris. They gather up George and make for the medical tent.

Troy is peeking out from cover when the intruder makes a charge, intent on slaughtering everyone in the tent. The guy makes the mistake of making eye contact with Troy, who hits him with the whammy, and tells him to FUCK. OFF. Without a word, he wheels around and charges off. Once the situation calms down, Troy checks on Dr. Lauren. She took a hit but she’s still up.

Greaser is in the heart of Leon’s camp. There’s fighting on all sides, but no one’s paying attention to him. He makes a beeline for the trees, taking off his jacket as he goes, in the hopes that if he catches up with the doctor he won’t be immediately recognized. He picks up the trail, and is able to hound the doctor, causing him to break off from the group of escaping slaves. It’s not too long before he’s got him cornered. The doctor brings up a pistol in a desperate attempt to defend himself.

Greaser successfully convinces the doctor that he doesn’t mean him any harm, but he needs his help. The doctor is visibly relieved, and tells him that the camp is lost, and they need to get the hell out of there. Greaser puts his arm around the doctor in a show of leaning on him for support, and once the doctor isn’t looking he presses his gun under the doctor’s armpit and blows a hole in his side. The doctor crumples with a completely bewildered look on his face.

Greaser takes the stethoscope as proof, slumps against a tree, and opens his brain in an attempt to call to Troy. He sees someone moving through the trees, wearing a labcoat. At first he thinks it’s Troy, but then he sees that it’s a woman. She kneels down and asks what happened to him. He says he kept his promise. She begins inspecting his wounds, asking him to put his gun down. She says that there’s an expression: “you reap what you sow.”

She says she can’t treat him here, and advises to cover the wounds in mud, wait until it’s quiet, make his way back, and if he makes it, he’ll have some things to think about. He follows her instructions, and finds his way back, retrieving his jacket on the way.

Gremlin and the girl carry a still unconscious George to the medical tent, seeing the evidence of fighting in the camp on the way. Once inside, Troy directs them to the tables. He’s able to heal himself of the gunshot, then he goes to work on George, and directs Dr. Lauren to work on Gremlin. She has to sedate him, but she’s able to get him stabilized.

George is not visibly wounded, but there’s blood near their nose, which suggests they had some bad reaction to the gas. Troy uses healing touch, and gets a vision of a large man sitting over Troy, brushing his hair, telling that he’s going to be late for class. Troy looks around, sees a pattern of LEDs on the wall, and through the door he can see a metal hallway. Then he wakes up. When Troy comes to, George is awake, and a little confused. Troy brings them up to speed on the situation and tells them to cover the door. Shortly after, Troy hears Maude on the radio. She’s at the bus and Janus is barking at her. He gives her the rundown and directs her to the med tent.

Maude arrives at the tent dragging Janus on a chain. He’s snarling and barking until he catches sight of George, at which point he becomes completely docile. Troy uses healing touch on Maude, and opens his brain in the process. He gets another vision, this time it’s a scene of Captain raping Maude. From Maude’s point of view.

On the plus side, Maude herself is feeling much better. More wounded are making their way into the tent, but enough of them are well enough to provide sufficient cover. Troy helps Maude back into her armor, and she heads back out with a couple of Amy’s girls for support.

Soon after, he hears gunfire outside, a couple of screams. Later, there’s a long stream of autofire, followed by a high-pitched yell of victory. It’s soon picked up all around the camp.


New mechanic was instituted this session: When you give someone Hx at session’s end, they give you a homework assignment, something they want to see from you in the near future.

Gremlin knows Troy better, so we need to figure out what he wants to see from Troy next time.