On the Road: Session 17 (April 21 2017)

About three hours after the battle is over, Troy is finally taking a break from assisting with the wounded. Inhabitants of all three camps have descended on the med tent, intent on finding some kind of relief for their suffering. The medical supplies Troy and Dr. Lauren have on hand are better than anything Troy has seen in his life, and while the survival rate is only about 50%, that’s still a lot better than anything he would ever expect to see in such circumstances.

Troy is outside the tent with Maude and Dr. Lauren when he’s approached by a young man from Leon’s camp, who gives him a handful of random odds and ends before wandering off. Troy and Maude open a couple of cans of Day Before beer from Amy. It’s a bit stale, but still good. Maude points out that Greaser is missing. She says she’s seen his gang swarming all over. If they’re looking for him, they’re not working too hard at it. Troy asks the doctor how much longer they have. She says they have another three hours, and then she’s been ordered to get some rest, but he’s a free agent, being a volunteer to begin with.

Dr. Lauren mentions that Leon’s not been found, alive or dead. Maude heads off to find someone to ask about the tank. Once she’s gone, the doc asks Troy what the deal is with the two of them. He insists they’re business partners, the doc remains unconvinced. She advises him to be straight with her on how he feels about her, one way or another, as soon as possible. They head back inside to scrub up and get back to work.

Gremlin wakes up in a smaller tent off the side of the med tent. George is there, sitting on the ground, with Janus curled up around their feet. He asks if they’re alright. They say that they will be. They ask what happened, and Gremlin tells them about dragging them back across the bridge, and the altercation with Kickstand. George is upset that one of the girls died for them, but expresses gratitude that Gremlin was willing to do the same. Gremlin says that they put themselves on the line for everyone with the decoy plan, so he figured it was only fair that he return the favor.

He heads outside and makes for the command tent. Once he gets there, it’s a swarm of activity. He approaches one of the girls on guard duty to ask about Amy, and learns that she took a bad shot to the leg and is in the medical tent. He moves off in that direction.

Greaser had collapsed at the edge of the woods on the far side of Leon’s camp. He wakes up some time later to see a carrion bird picking at a corpse next to him. With a tremendous amount of difficulty, he’s able to finally stand, and limps off back toward the camp.

He is met by a young man of about 20, wearing some obviously scavenged clothing, including a jacket that obvious once belonged to one of Amy’s girls. Their conversation starts off friendly enough, but it starts to go south when the guy asks what crew he’s with. Greaser manages to scare him off.

On his way back to the camp, Greaser encounters a woman laying on the ground, suffering from a great number of wounds, including some very serious burns. She calls him a false prophet, and he doesn’t disagree. He offers to help her up and back to the camp. She declines, saying that she’s on her way to meet her loving Father. He offers to stay with her as she passes. They introduce themselves (Greaser tells her his real name: Arthur). She gets most of the way through the Lord’s Prayer before she goes.

A group of Amy’s girls come across him, and upon seeing how wounded he is, order him to sit down so they can help. As one of them is working on him with a first aid kit, she gets his story out of him. He says that he got shot in the back by one of his own. One of them, who introduces herself as April, says she had to kill a couple of eight-year-old kids that had bombs strapped to their chests. He says that he wants the round once they dig it out of his back. She says that’s not going to happen out here, he’ll have to wait until they can get him to the medical tent She asks him where he’s in such a hurry to get to, and he says San Francisco. She tells him about her mother, who used to go to school in San Francisco in the Day Before.

They lead him back across the bridge and into Amy’s camp, where they come across George, who is very happy to see that he’s alive. He hands them the stethoscope, and they say it was wrong of them to ask him to do it. They all make their way to the medical tent, arriving around the same time as Gremlin, who mentions to Greaser that they need to talk, but it will have to wait until after Greaser has received medical treatment.

Greaser is brought in, and the work begins. Troy is able to slip a hand in and help it along. Afterward, Troy’s talking with Greaser, and he relates how he tried calling to Troy through the Maelstrom, and while he didn’t reach him, he did reach someone, and she helped him. Greaser describes Troy’s sister to a T.

Maude asks Gremlin what they plan on doing with the rest of the day. Gremlin mentions that he wants to talk to Greaser about Kickstand, and that he’s worried that Leon got away.

The word gets around that Amy’s girl’s plan on pulling up stakes and crossing the bridge tomorrow. Poker chips are distributed, redeemable for a meal and a night in a bed.

Gremlin manages to get in to speak to Amy directly, and expresses his concern about Leon. He also volunteers to help deal with the dead. On his way out, Troy is just finishing up his shift.