The Tomorrow Legion: Session 01 (January 19 2017)

Wyoming the Glitterboy Pilot grew up in the remnants of a doomsday prepper cult before she came to Castle Refuge a few weeks ago. As such she has knowledge of the way things were before the apocalypse (though it’s not always accurate).

Mason is an ex Coalition soldier that has recently become a Combat Cyborg, after he was nearly killed in battle. The Tomorrow Legion installed his brain in a new body, and he’s been going through the program, learning how to walk without smashing the floor, how to open doors without pulling them off the hinges, etc. He has also been undergoing the intensive therapy associated with the process. Wyoming has been looking in on him. She spoken to him very little, and she certainly hasn’t told him that she was responsible for his current state.

Argyle the Operator grew up in the Burbs outside of Chi-Town. He used to run with a gang called the Bastards. He parted ways with them a couple of months ago after an incident with a rift, an otherworldly monstrosity, and the Tomorrow Legion. He came to Castle Refuge to see how he could help. Recently, He’s been spending all his spare time in the motor pool (much to the chagrin of Bessie, the head mechanic), and that’s where he and Wyoming first met.

Puck the mind Melter has been in Castle Refuge for about a year, after having been rescued from a Federation of Magic laboratory during the Siege of Tolkeen. He’s been making himself useful delivering messages throughout Castle Refuge. He and Argyle share some of the same basic viewpoints on the Tomorrow Legion, and are both just happy to be here.

About a week ago, the PCs were sent out on patrol, with instructions to meet at the rendezvous in two weeks, help anyone who looks like they need help, and not start any wars.

For about a week, they’ve been going from town to town, checking on the locals. The story is usually the same; the moment the Glitterboy armor is visible, everyone comes running, there’s lots of conversation, Puck makes friends with the kids, Argyle talks to the town elders, etc.

They get about halfway through the list of waypoints, and when they get to town, no one comes to greet them. They see smashed buildings and a couple of dead bodies. It’s noticed that the supposed population of the town is not represented by the dead bodies. Mason picks up one heat signature in one of the huts. Puck hears a faint whimper. He heads over to investigate, calling out to whoever is inside, and offers his canteen. A young girl slowly emerges from a cabinet. She introduces herself as Tok. The crew debates whether its best to bring them back to the last town they came across. Wyoming gets on the radio to request a medevac, and is told the ETA is 4 hours. Puck and Argyle stay in town to keep an eye on Tok, while Wyoming and Mason follow the trail they’ve found leading away from the site. They learn quickly enough that the trail leads toward the next town on the list.

Tok tells Puck what she heard after her mother told her to hide in the cabinet. There was shouting, weapons fire, screaming, and vehicles leaving. After 4 hours, the VTOL arrives and Argyle & Puck give them the rundown. Tok gets picked up, and Argyle & Puck get on the bike and hightail it out of there, catching up with Wyoming and Mason. A few hours later, they make it to the next town around early evening. They can see smoke, and a caravan heading away from the town.

Wyoming charges ahead to try and keep up with it, advising everyone else to stay hidden and follow at a safe distance. She will inevitably make herself a target, and it will keep the heat away from the rest of the group. Once she’s clear of the town, she fires a shot from the boom gun over the heads of the fleeing caravan. Just to get their attention.

It has the desired effect. The outriders are startled, but they recover and the whole caravan pours on speed. The crew struggles to keep up, but fortunately they’re able to follow the trail quite easily at this point. Soon enough, they can see the light blue glow of a far off ley line. Getting a little closer, they can see it’s the junction of two ley lines, and there’s a temporary encampment that’s been thrown up around it. In the center there appears to be a ziggurat, situated directly beneath the nexus. A figure stands at the top of it, enacting some kind of ritual. There are four large metal cages situated around the nexus, raised up in the air, that are filled with the prisoners.

Wyoming and Mason approach from the front, while Argyle and Puck circle around to the rear. Mason opens fire and blows up several vehicles, and that’s Wyoming’s cue to fire the boom gun at the leader, which succeeds in bringing down his energy shield, but doesn’t seem to damage him. Puck goes invisible. Argyle takes a shot at the thugs at the rear with his bike mounted heavy laser, vaporizing one of them. The cult leader manages to bring his shield back up.

Mason takes an RPG in the shoulder, but shrugs it off like a champ. A few of the thugs have mounted up in a couple of jeeps with mounted railguns form up and engage Wyoming. One of them hits, but she manages to shrug it off as well. Argyle does a great job of dodging the thugs firing laser rifles, but not so great at dodging an RPG. He manages to regain control of the bike and returns fire, but misses. Puck makes his way up the ziggurat while invisible. He can see exactly what the cult leader is doing. Wyoming fires the boom gun at the cult leader again, dropping his shield again. Mason opens fire at the leader, but misses.

Wyoming shoots at a jeep, but misses, so the ground behind it erupts. The leader hits a button on a device, and two of the cages explode. Immediately, a rift opens above the nexus, and a gigantic writhing mass of worms comes rippling through. The thugs all panic and flee in whatever manner they can. The crew all manages to stand their ground.

Argyle fires at the mass. He fails to do enough damage to wound it, but it recoils for a moment. Mason opens fire, but fails to damage it at all. Puck uses telekinesis to attack the leader. It fails to do any damage, but he’s able to understand the nature of the defenses that the leader has erected. Despite not having an actual “front”, the mass turns and fires an energy beam at Argyle, hitting the bike. Despite the massive amount of damage, he manages to keep control of the bike, though he skids sideways several yards. Wyoming takes a shot at the mass with the boom gun, and it explodes in a shower of ichor and gore. The leader screams.

Puck checks on the surviving prisoners, and sees that each of them is wearing an explosive device. He’s able to telekinetically wrestle the detonator out of the leader’s hand to keep him from killing the rest of the prisoners. Mason and Argyle rush to the winches to lower the cages. The leader shimmers and disappears.