The Tomorrow Legion: Session 02 (February 02 2017)

The crew gets the cages open and get the prisoners out. Puck manages to locate Tok’s parents, then begins tending to the survivors. Mason heads up to the top of the ziggurat and destroys all of the ritual tools. Argyle examines all the remaining vehicles to determine which ones are in working order. Wyoming salvages a laser rifle, and assists Puck in organizing the townspeople. She speaks to one of them, who tells her what he knows of what happened, which is nto a whole lot. The raiders rolled in, with no preamble or warning. Anyone who spoke up got a laser rifle shot in the face, and that shut everyone else up very quickly. He notes that they didn’t have any kind of gang insignia, and Wyoming speculates that they were hired from other gangs one or two at a time. She addresses the rest of the crowd, gets an idea of what towns everyone is from, and instructs each group to appoint a leader. Then she distributes whatever weapons she can find amongst them. She informs them that she intends to make camp for the night, and in the morning everyone will head back to Castle Refuge. Puck is intent on looking for water, but Wyoming is able to determine that while many in the crowd is dehydrated no one is in danger of dying of thirst in the next 12 hours or so.

There are two semis, only one of which is functioning. Argyle and Wyoming spend 6 hours repairing the second one. They manage to get it running, but it’s not perfect. By the time they’re done, it’s almost dawn. Argyle is driving the damaged semi, Wyoming is in control of the other one, and Mason is strapped to the top of one of them to keep an eye out as they go. The townspeople are loaded in the back of one of them, and Argyle’s bike, Wyoming’s armor, and whatever salvage they managed to find are in the back of the other. When the crew gets within range of the castle, they radio in to give them the heads up. When they arrive, they’re directed to bring the trucks to the motor pool, where they cause quite a stir. Lt. Stevens approaches with a couple of corporals in tow while the crew is unloading the trucks, welcomes them back, and orders a debriefing in 2 hours. Puck chats with his dwarf friend Lore Blackbeard, and Tok is reunited with her parents. The crew goes to get cleaned up. Mason heads to the med bay for repairs. He meets Dr. Farraday, who conducts an examination and connects him up to the computer so Mason can download the video logs that he recorded during the patrol.

After showers and a meal, the crew heads into the conference room for the debriefing. Lt. Stevens is there, as well as three other officers, that he introduces as Carmichael (who is a bit too tall and too gray to be human), Gustavus (who wears mage robes, and has long pointed ears), and Winthrop (who is almost shockingly human in comparison). Argyle gives a concise report, and Puck & Wyoming give additional details. Then they run Mason’s video feed, and the possible background of the cult leader is discussed. Lt. Stevens congratulates the crew on acquitting themselves well, and upholding the ideals of the Tomorrow Legion. The crew gets paid, and are dismissed. Everyone gets a good night’s rest.

The next day, Puck heads into town to find a toy for Tok before going to visit the refugees. Needless to say they are doing much better than they were the day before. Mason visits the castle’s library.

Argyle and Wyoming head to the motor pool. They find that, next to Wyoming’s Glitterboy armor, there is another set of Gitterboy power armor, that has been customized somewhat differently that Wyoming’s. Fiona, one of the technicians, mentions that it belongs to someone named Sir Carruthers. Wyoming works on restoring the bike she snagged from the battle, getting it into pristine condition and repainting it. Argyle runs into Thiel, who is very happy to help Argyle work on his hoverbike, so long as he can ask a million questions. Argyle for his part is perfectly happy to answer any and all questions as long as Thiel helps with the bike, and doesn’t cause any damage.