The Tomorrow Legion: Session 03 (February 09 2017)

Argyle and Wyoming’s Day Off:

Argyle gets his hoverbike fixed. Wyoming is still working on hers, so Argyle watches but doesn’t interrupt. When she’s done, he asks if she’s taking the bike out, and if she’d be agreeable to some company. She warns him that she won’t be up for much talking, which suits him fine. They gear up and head out the gate.

They head down the mountain path, which gives way to forest, and eventually scrubland. Once the terrain flattens out, they pour on the speed. A few miles out, they become aware of something else running parallel to them, and edging closer. It’s a large hoverbike (painted red), ridden by an orc wearing a pickelhaube with metal horns welded on, who gives them a grin and a wave. He revs the engine; Wyoming and Argyle take the hint, and the race is on.

Argyle pulls ahead, and Wyoming maneuvers to box the orc out, but he’s able to fake her out and take 2nd place. He pulls past Argyle, and they can hear him laughing even over the whine of the engines. Then something on the orc’s bike pops, and he begins slowing down. Argyle and Wyoming both shoot past him, and then circle back around to see if he needs help.

As they approach, the orc leaps off the bike, laughs again and hugs both of them, introducing himself as Krieg. His American is a bit basic, but Wyoming is able to converse with him in Gobbley, which surprises Argyle a bit. When Krieg asks where they’re from, Wyoming responds that she’s the last of the Windwalkers. He gives them each a drink, and invites them to meet the rest of his tribe, the Go Fasta Krew.

Argyle and Wyoming are able to get his bike running, and he leads them back to his camp, where there are dozens of vehicles, all heavily modified, and all painted red. Krieg introduces them to a couple of his friends, and then takes them to meet the leader, Chief Oogluk. The chief tells Argyle and Wyoming the story of how his tribe came from another world, got caught in a rift and ended up here. Now they’re looking to make a life of their own, and also looking to liberate fellow orcs in thrall to the Federation of Magic, who only values them as cannon fodder. The chief is very happy to hear that Wyoming and Argyle are from Castle Refuge. He asks if they will help, and they agree.

Oogluk starts barking orders to the rest of the tribe, and they begin mobilizing. Wyoming and Argyle meet Gurt, the tribe’s shaman, who says that their god Margoth has blessed them and sent the Legion to help them. Everyone mounts up and all engines roar to life. As they approach the camp, there’s a wave of vehicles coming out to meet them. Wyoming takes point, and manages to draw off a bunch of them, opening up a nice sized hole in their line for Argyle to blast through. A hail of fire fails to hit Wyoming.

The Go Fasta Krew makes quick work of the first wave, disabling the vehicles and trying to take down their opponents without killing them. Argyle sees the second wave coming straight at him, and he opens fire, exploding the vehicle straight ahead of him. He’s almost hit by flying debris, but at the last moment the hoverbike pitches up sharply, and he sails over the remains of the vehicle. The second wave is coming up on Wyoming. She pulls a perfect bootlegger turn to face the vanguard of the second wave and opens fire, taking out the vehicle in one shot. Moments later, the Go Fasta Krew is there to back her up.

Argyle is coming up on a defensive line in front of the camp. Most of the defenders are shooting over Argyle at the Go Fasta Krew, which is quickly catching up to him, but a couple of them fire rocket launchers at him. He manages to avoid the worst of it. He takes a shot at the vehicle the defenders in front of him are using as cover, but fails to do any damage. He hits the boosters and rockets over the top of them.

Wyoming tends to the survivors of the first wave. She speaks to them in Gobbley, telling them that the Go Fasta Krew has come to set them free. They are predictably confused and suspicious. She manages to persuade them to talk to Chief Oogluk after everything is said and done.

The Go Fasta Krew arrives at the defensive line, and Chief Oogluk begins delivering a speech over a loudspeaker to the opposing side, encouraging them to think for themselves and be free, as the rest of the tribe begins trading fire with the line. Argyle skids to a halt behind the defensive line and is confronted by the leader, a human in armor and wreathed in magical flames. Argyle dismounts from the bike and draws his pistol, telling him that they’re there to liberate his orcs, and that he should surrender. The mage responds by firing his weapon, which incapacitates Argyle in one shot.

Wyoming arrives in front of the defensive line, which is now fully engaged with the Go Fasta Krew. In the middle of all of this, the mage is now flying around and firing shots into the crowd. Wyoming takes a couple of shots at him, but fails to connect. He attempts to return fire, but miraculously his weapon jams. Wyoming does a 180, and heads back through the line of Go Fasta, in an attempt to draw the mage off from the fray. He follows, and attempts to fire at her again, missing again. Wyoming heads toward the group of orcs from the first wave. When the mage sees that they’re not attacking her, he reassesses the situation, and rockets up into the sky and disappears.

By the time Wyoming has returned to the camp, the shooting has stopped, everyone has exited their vehicles, weapons are out but not raised, and Chief Oogluk is speaking to the opposing orcs. She informs him of the orcs from the first wave, who want to speak to him. Wyoming tends to Argyle. By the time he wakes up, he can hear laughing in addition to the talking. Wyoming returns to Oogluk, and he gives her a big hug.

The newcomers are brought back to the Go Fasta Krew’s camp, and there are revels throughout the rest of the night. In the morning, Wyoming and Argyle head back to Castle Refuge.