The Tomorrow Legion: Session 06 (March 16 2017)

The crew has returned to the APC. Sanchez has packed up the camo gear. Once everyone’s loaded in, he guns it and they make their way back. Puck inquires about the plan to retrieve Tina, he’s told that someone else will worry about that. It comes out that Tina used to run with the Wolf Pack (Team Bravo). Some short discussion is held regarding Wyoming’s souvenir. Once they get back, they are met with Lt. Stevens, and he shakes everyone’s hands and tells them to report for debriefing after they’ve gotten cleaned up.

Wyoming and Puck deliver the larva to the med bay. The staff is alarmed, but they set about containing it. Puck scans it for psionic ability, and it registers as very similar to a novice psychic. Wyoming scrubs up and volunteers to help with triage to deal with the wounded. When Dr. Grok shows up, she exclaims “Hail Margoth!”. He simply shakes his head and begins barking orders at the medical team. She flirts with him for a bit before excusing herself.

Argyle drops off the equipment he was issued, and Smitty the quartermaster recommends that he upgrade his armor.

Puck goes back to the motor pool to talk to Lt. Stevens to find out what the plans are to retrieve Tina. He says that the Wolf Pack will stay out in the field to look for her. Puck expresses a desire to go out and assist.

After everyone gets cleaned up, they report for the debriefing. Stevens, Carmichael, Gustavus, and Winthrop are there. Mason plugs into the system and plays back his video feed. When they zoom in on the footage of the queen, they identify the FoM sigil on the remains of the human’s clothes. Another discussion ensues regarding the larva. Wyoming proposes the possibility of growing it into another queen, one that could be lobotomized so it would be harmless, but the signal from it would keep the other Xitixic away. The issue of retrieving Tina is raised again, and Argyle and Mason volunteer to help Puck. They head to the motor pool and enlist Sanchez’ help as well.

Wyoming heads back to the med bay to look in on the larva. Dr. Po is sitting and watching it, and jotting down notes. They discuss what’s going to happen to it. She attempts to feed it several different things to see what it wants, but it doesn’t seem to react to any of them other than to retreat. When she expresses a desire to want to touch it, Dr. Po warns against treating it as if it were human. When she makes the case for hand feeding it, he relents and opens the tank. She attempts to hand feed it, and it does not react. She speculates that she doesn’t smell right, and Dr. Po adds that she also doesn’t speak the language, and supposes that it may not even be aware of her. He suggests that they leave it alone to see if it eats on its own.

When the APC approaches the wreckage of the hive, Sanchez tries raising the Wolf Pack on the radio. They are still out there, waiting for the fire to die down before heading into the hive to search for Tina. Argyle asks Puck if he can sense if she’s in there. Puck gets comfortable and goes astral, traveling straight to the queen’s chamber.

Lucy approaches Argyle and asks for a cigar. He gives her one and lights it. She asks about Tina, how she’d looked. He says that Puck was able to keep her calm until they got in sight of the queen.

Puck travels through the burning wreckage of the hive as quickly as he can, which is a lot quicker than anyone solid would be able to. It still takes him several minutes to get there, but he’s able to locate her, a little ways off from where he was expecting to see her. He snaps out of it and tells the rest of the group where to find her. Mason and Winters are the only two that can brave the fires without worrying about damage, so everyone else stays at camp. Puck rests to regain his strength to reach out to Tina telepathically to let her know that they’re coming to rescue her.

And that’s when the remains of the hive attack.