The Porcelain Dolls Session 01: January 13 2016

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community in April 2016.

Roric is dead. The peace he brokered between the Lampblacks and the Red Sashes is about to dissolve. Meanwhile, Lyssa offers a hefty reward for the head of Roric’s killer, screaming in the streets for his killer’s head, as if everyone wasn’t convinced that she did the deed herself.

Mylera Klev sends the crew an engraved invitation c/o The Leaky Bucket to meet at their earliest convenience (provided their earliest convenience was at 1pm that day), so Shade and Boots go to talk to her. The conversation is filled with flattery and no small amount of flirting between Mylera and Shade, and ends with her offering them a job: Baszo Baz is in possession of a particular painting that she (as an art lover) very much wants. She graciously gives them 24 hours to give an answer, and if they agree, an additional 48 hours to deliver the painting.

Meanwhile, one of the Lampblack’s thugs comes around to inform Constance and Thorn that Baszo wants to talk to them. They head off to the coal warehouse, where Baszo reminds them that they’ve stepped on each others’ toes a bit in the past, but that he’s looking for strong allies in the weeks to come. He offers them a job as well: Mylera is hoarding a case of the finest 80 year old whiskey, and he wants it.

The crew agrees amongst themselves to do both jobs in the same night, delivering the goods at the same time as their acceptance of the jobs. Additionally, they resolve to outwardly maintain a friendly demeanor to both factions, and avoid (for as long as they can) openly choosing a side in the war that was to come.

Constance, being the self-appointed leader of the crew, meets with the Crows on her own to inform her of the crew’s intentions. Finding Lyssa at the watch tower, she offers her congratulations. Lyssa, a bit preoccupied at the time, maintains her innocence in Roric’s death, so Constance offers her condolences instead.


Not a lot in terms of mechanics this time around, mainly just establishing setting and situation.