The Porcelain Dolls Session 21: June 22 2016

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community in July 2016.

Shade is still off getting in good with the Skovlan refugees.

The crew has the master list of Merrill Brime’s informants. They start going down the list, and informing everyone that Brime is now in the Dolls’ employ.

Some background on Merrill Brime: Once upon a time, he was a quartermaster in the Imperial Army, and now has ties to The Lost, a group of ex-soldiers turned vigilantes.

Constance talks to Richard Graham, a retired Imperial Army soldier who lost a leg in the last conflict, and makes a show of begging in the square in Nightmarket. She notices a man with a sharp face and a military look in his posture watching them. Graham refers to him as Sergeant Lynch. Constance tips her hat as she walks off, and Lynch returns the gesture.

Gears talks to Bellino Claro, an aging Severosi who hangs out in a park in Coalridge with some fellow retired dockworkers where they play Bocci and smoke cigars. When Gears explains the situation with Merrill Brime, Bellino says they will need to deal with The Lost one way or another, and agrees to find out how they’re funded.

Gloves talks to Tamanna Majeed, an Iruvian artist in Charterhall who makes a living drawing charcoal sketches on the street. She does an impressive sketch as they talk. She suggests talking to a Colonel Adams to work out The Doll’s issues with The Lost. Kamali watches from afar, and picks up on Tamanna’s aversion to being touched. Later she sees Tamanna meet with a man with a military look to him, wearing an Imperial Army sabre. She follows him and tracks him to Quinn’s tavern in Six Towers, whose compatriots address him as Colonel.

Boots talks to Basheer Ajad, an Iruvian food vendor in Six Towers. While they are talking, Boots is approached by Sergeant Annabelle Day, who politely but firmly insists that they have a talk. They sit down for drinks, and discuss Merrill Brime’s change in allegiance. They both decide that their respective leaders need to meet to hash this out. She tells him they will meet that evening at the Cat & Cradle in Charterhall.


All NPCs in this session, Brime’s cadre of informants and the members of The Lost, were 100% improvised on the spot.