The Porcelain Dolls Session 22: June 29 2016

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community in July 2016.

Constance takes Boots and Gears to meet The Lost at the Cat & Cradle in Charterhall. They all opt for a Light load, which I rule nets them an extra die on the Engagement roll, since it’s a Social plan.

They formally meet Colonel Corbett Adams, Sgt Rodney Lynch, and Sgt Annabelle Day. They inform the group that they have it in for Thorn (Sgt Lynch in particular), and are currently looking for information on his whereabouts. Constance tells them that they no longer have any dealings with him. Adams has concerns that what The Dolls are involved in will run at cross purposes with the Lost’s agenda. Sgt Day is open to the idea of sharing the informants. In the end, they negotiate an understanding. The Dolls and the Lost will share the informants, provided that the Dolls don’t engage in anything that runs at cross-purposes for the Lost (should be fine, as they’re not raping anyone or stealing from the poor), and if the Lost are hunting anyone that crosses into Crow’s Foot, they will defer to the Dolls to deal with it.

Shade spends time infiltrating a group of Skovlan refugees in Coalridge, introducing himself as Geirfin Holm. Nyryx helps by possessing various members of the group and talking him up to the rest of them. Frans Antonsen is the de facto leader of the group. Henry Ruen is Frans’ best friend; both work at the nearby eel farms. Haldor Henrickson is quiet and withdrawn, and Marlina Melby is his girlfriend. Frans says he has been in contact with Maldor Williamsen, who has been in hiding, but will be returning soon. The current target of their ire are the Grinders (who I changed from Skovlan ex-dockworkers to a group of Akorosi nationalists), and things have been heating up lately.

Shade comes back to report on what he’s learned. Constance decides to play the long game with the Refugees and the Grinders.

Downtime Actions:

  • Gears indulges his Vice, continuing his experiments, and finishes upgrading Constance’s anchor.
  • Shade trains Prowess (raising Skirmish), and gets rid of his Frostbitten injury from a couple of sessions ago.
  • Boots trains Prowess and Personal.
  • Gloves also trains Prowess and Personal.
  • Constance trains Prowess and starts a long term project to start building the workshop.
  • Kamali trains Personal.


Fitz shows up at the Bucket in high spirits. He invites the Dolls to celebrate with him, as he has just closed the deal to purchase a piece of property in the Drop. On Karstas’ recommendation, he has purchased an abandoned factory that had belonged to the Cinder Street Doll Company.


The meeting with the Lost could have been more tense. I let things develop as they did entirely through conversation. There was some intense negotiation, but no one rolled for anything. Afterwards, the players felt that it was too easy. So I’m working on ways to follow up on this new working relationship, and making it more interesting.