The Porcelain Dolls: Session 35 (September 14 2016)

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community in October 2016.

Aftermath of the Moon’s Daughter and the City Records Contact jobs:

1 Heat, since they leaned on Edmund Bain a little.

Constance: Works on getting the Lampblacks into shape (3 slices), and trains Personal.
Kamali: Reduces Stress twice, and trains Prowess.
Shade: Reduces Stress, and researches the ritual to help Kelyr.
Gears: Starts a project to make the factory Secure, and gets 2 slices out of 8.
Boots: Works on training the former Lampblacks (1 slice), and trains Prowess and raises Wreck (by using Baszo’s cannon to help with the construction that is going on in the area).

There is 6 Coin in the vaults, so Constance encourages everyone to Stash 1 each.

Constance meets with Shade’s prospective back room employees, and sees they are all fairly solid. She puts Guiseppe in charge of them due to his increased experience.

The crew is informed that the Gondoliers have taken control of the hagfish farm.

Gloves’s Homecoming:

The whole gang is present to greet Gloves with much fanfare when he is released from Ironhook. Constance waits until they get across the bridge into Charhollow before asking what he wants to do first. He says he wants to change clothes. Once everyone is back at the factory (and Gloves has in fact changed clothes), Constance holds a meeting. The Sashes’ remaining assets are still waiting to be taken. She decides to go after the warehouse and the Inspector next.

The Boxing Club Job:

The warehouse is on a street that’s within two blocks of where Constance grew up, so she stays inside and out of sight of the Dockers, spending time with her new Cohort and directing them like a work crew to set things up as soon as possible (Gears assists with this as well). It’s a quick & dirty job this time around. They’ll have time to build a proper ring later on.

Boots begins posting up flyers advertising the opening of their new business venture all around Crow’s Foot and the surrounding neighborhoods. He’s in front of Sam’s Pub in the Docks when he’s accosted by the proprietor, the titular Sam, who says he’s running his own fighting club in the basement, and doesn’t want the competition. Boots says that Sam should meet his boss. Sam follows Boots to the warehouse, where Constance is knocking down shelves with a sledgehammer. She mentions who she is, and this doesn’t impress Sam. She mentions the Dolls, and this also doesn’t impress him (Sam doesn’t get out much, and as such, is accustomed to being the king of his own little world). Seeing that Sam won’t back down, Constance grabs him and throws him across the room, but not before he manages to get inside her first swipe and bloody her nose with a lightning quick jab to the face.

Sam and Constance fight, and it’s not one-sided. After trading blows for a while, Sam finally taps out, his face a bloody mess, but grinning from ear to ear. He says he hasn’t had that much fun in years. Constance agrees to a partnership. The Dolls will supply the venue, and Sam will provide the fighters, and they agree to split the profits 50/50 (very generous on her part). After that, Sam gets two of his guys to come in and assist with the renovations.

The inaugural event goes well (6 on engagement). Constance has a very strict policy that all bets are to go through her people, and she has Boots and the other two ex-Bluecoats keeping watch on the crowd. Boots catches one guy taking side bets, and Constance gives a warning to everyone and breaks the one of the guy’s fingers (but doesn’t kick him out. He’s perfectly welcome to keep betting so long as he sticks the to rules). Saul and Barsaba visit, and partake in the gambling, but not the fighting (maybe next time). It’s noted that several Gondoliers are also in attendance, but they do not make trouble.


I will have to draw up a custom claim map for the Dolls, as the one on the Thieves (now Shadows) sheet doesn’t quite fit.

We’ll see what the other half of the crew is up to next time.