The Porcelain Dolls: Session 43 (November 30 2016)

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community in December 2016.

The crew heads into the Bucket in the morning, and finds that many of the familiar faces have been replaced by a somewhat more upscale clientele, and the prices have nearly doubled. Constance speaks to one of the few remaining regulars at the bar, who complains that they’re being run out by the rich snobs that are taking over the neighborhood. She promises to do something about it.

Constance speaks to Gears and Prichard, and says that the factory needs a commissary. Constance runs the idea by Fitz, and he’s all for it, says to work out the details with McDonough.

The crew holds a meeting. Things have been set in motion with the Strays, and it needs time to percolate, so they turn their attention to the Skovlanders. Constance relates the story of the Sisters of the Open Hand, a defunct charitable organization made up mainly of bored rich housewives. Years ago, Constance’s father asked one of them if they spent their husband’s Coin, and she had explained to him the concept of a fundraiser. It is Constance’s intention to hold some sort of function to raise money to give the Skovlander refugees a means to get back home, if that’s their wish. They discuss the details and logistics of such an undertaking. Gloves volunteers to speak to possibly charity-minded ladies of means (Lady Polonia’s associates). He also suggests speaking to Clermont directly. Constance puts Shade on this.

Speaking to Clermont:

Shade goes to the Skovlan Consulate to speak to Clermont, with Kamali posing as his personal assistant. He gives a clerk his real name, Valeris Lamond, and they’re put in a waiting room and given tea. While they’re there, they both attempt to Attune. They see a ghost caught in a loop, hiding behind a corner, then stepping out, drawing a pistol, addressing someone who was apparently sitting on the couch where Shade and Kamali are waiting, and firing. Then he turns and abruptly flickers out, beginning the cycle again. Kamali gets the bright idea to sit in the spot where the ghost was aiming, and when he shoots again, she is hit with spectral energy. She is not in a position to spend Stress to Resist, so she takes a level 1 wound.

The clerk returns and leads them upstairs, and they see what passes for Skovlan art on the walls as they’re taken to Clermont’s office. To Kamali’s eyes it seems primitive, savage even, but it reminds Shade of home. Clermont is waiting for them in his office. Shade introduces himself, and finds that his reputation precedes him. Clermont listens politely to his proposal, but in the end dismisses it with some bluster, claiming it’s not feasible. However, he surreptitiously passes a note to Kamali on their way out, directing them to meet with him privately later.