The Porcelain Dolls: Session 46 (December 21 2016)

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community in January 2017.

Aftermath of the Two-Stroke Folk Bloke Stoke & Choke:

Payout: 0
Heat: 4 (2 for standard exposure, +2 for killing)
Entanglement: Questioning. The Bluecoats scoop up Keel & Drav to grill them about the goings on at the boxing club. Constance decides that she doesn’t want undue attention, so she sends Gloves down to the station with 2 Coin to grease the wheels, and clear up any unfortunate misunderstandings.
Rep: 0 at first. The Grinders were Tier 2, but the Dolls were keeping this quiet, so no one knows it was them. Having no profit, Constance wasn’t going to mention it at all to the Crows, but recent interactions with the Bluecoats have come to Lyssa’s attention. Constance goes to speak with her, and the subject of the Grinders eventually comes up. This earns the Dolls 2 Rep, which is enough to bring them to Tier 2 (and they have 8 Coin earmarked for this in the vault). Lyssa ups the tithe to 2 Coin per job, acknowledging the crew’s upgrade.


Constance reduces Stress (clearing 1), and reduces Heat (twice, clearing all 4, paying 1 Coin).

Kamali reduces Stress (twice, clearing 3).

Gears works on the project to mount the cannon on the cart (bringing it to 7 of 8), and trains Prowess.

Shade works on a project to upgrade Quellyn to neutral (filling in 3 of 6), and a project to upgrade the lair’s security to (filling in 2 of 8). He spends a Coin to reduce Stress, ends up overindulging, and is Lost. He learns from Setarra that she has dealt with her Spirit Warden problem.

The boxing club and the Moon’s Daughter generate a total of 8 Coin.

The factory is now open for business (3 of 4 assembly lines running on the main floor). The construction project in the basement is progressing as well, and Constance donates 1 Coin to help speed that along (bringing it to 2 of 8).

A message for Valeris Lamond is delivered to the Bucket from Clermont. The groundwork has been laid for the Skovlan shipping company, and the time is right for the fundraising to begin (there’s a clock on my side for this one).

A glance at the morning paper reveals reports of the incidents in Barrowcleft and Silkshore, but no mention of Wulfric or his symbol. However, when Constance heads down to Dunslough to check on the refugees, she hears the name spoken in hushed whispers. She finds Markus at the Broken Anchor, where he is extremely happy with the outcome. She gets the idea to have one of his people try and seduce Ellsworth’s wife.

The paper also mentions that Ellsworth Dunne is missing. As such, the City Council is down three members, and so a state of emergency is declared, and will be convening to appoint new councilors. Constance goes to see Lady Drake, and encourages her to put forth her name for consideration. Out of the 9 remaining councilors, 4 are considered to be generally favorable toward Lady Drake, 4 are considered unfavorable (for various reasons), and 1 is unknown. Lady Drake will persuade Councilor Ettore Rodia to sponsor her nomination, and Constance will work on persuading enough of the rest of them to ensure that the appointment goes the right way.


We see the Dolls go up to Tier 2, and immediately set about making their mark on local politics. This should be interesting.