The Porcelain Dolls: Session 53 (February 08 2017)

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community on March 03 2017.


A member of the Ink Rakes (Sebastian Atkinson of the Doskvol Daily Mirror) approaches Constance regarding the gathering at the boxing club (The Pint and Hound), and the fact that several members of the city council were seen there. She declines to give a statement. After he leaves, Constance and Shade discuss what possible trouble this might be in the future.


The Dolls meet with Lillie Thomas, and take on a new member, Moira Tamany. Constance wants the Eels to provide another distraction in the Docks. She warns against starting another fire, she just wants the streets densely populated. Lillie has the idea to throw a street fair.

The Done and Dunne Gun and Run:

Kobb goes to Ellsworth’s house to get Mrs. Dunne and the kids out of the house and bring them to the street fair. He brings a bottle of high quality liquor, to help the servants get good and drunk. Gloves is following along. However, when they get there, they find that Ellsworth’s son William is quite ill. Kobb manages to convince Mrs. Dunne to go out with “Khaalid”, while he stays and takes care of William (daughter Jenny is currently at her friend Kate’s house).

Kamali and Moira enter the house and begin looting the house, while the lampblacks are waiting outside to carry off the stuff to a cart stashed nearby. Boots is on a nearby rooftop keeping watch. Kamali gets right to work, cutting paintings out of frames, taking a purse out of a drawer, taking a gold pen off a desk. She and Moira are able to get everything from the top floor with no problem. They are almost caught by the junior maid on the second floor, but manage to sneak past her. They get down to the basement, and Kamali hands Moira her lockpicks to open a jewelry box. Moira gets it open, but ends up breaking one of the picks in the process. On their way out, Kamali blackjacks Kobb on the back of the head to give him an alibi.

Constance, Gears, and Shade are on Team Murder. Thanks to the legwork they did, they know exactly where Ellsworth is supposed to be.

The Strays will be running interception in the flophouse itself, making sure no one gets in or out of the building (at least via the ground floor).

Shade positions himself outside in case Ellsworth gets the bright idea to jump out a window. Constance and Gears head up to the top floor, and Constance forces the door open. The noise attracts the attention of a young thug who was hanging out on the second floor, and who now comes marching up the stairs to deal with the situation. Constance meets him on the staircase, and pushes him back down the stairs to the 2nd floor, shoving him up against a wall. Constance addresses the entire building. She announces herself and gives a speech. This is enough to silence any opposition.

Meanwhile, Gears strides into the apartment and confronts Ellsworth. He’s brought a homemade stun gun that softens up Ellsworth a bit. In the end, he hands Ellsworth a pistol and tells him to do the right thing. Ellsworth’s resolve crumbles. Constance can hear the gunshot as she’s returning to the top floor landing, and Gears walks out and says it’s over.

Kobb is awakened by Marian and Gloves, who have returned. Kobb feigns ignorance, and Marian tells him that the place was robbed. Her main concern is for her son and the servants. Fortunately, William is sleeping soundly, and the maids are alright. David the butler comes in a bit alarmed and attempts to take responsibility for allowing it to happen, but Marian won’t hear of it. Gloves helpfully goes to fetch a Bluecoat, who takes notes on everything. Kobb gives a sufficiently obfuscated description of the perpetrators to throw suspicion off of the Dolls.


Rep: 0.
Coin: 6 (+2 for the Fence).
Heat: 5 (2, +2 for killing, +1 from a Devil’s Bargain).
Entanglement: Gang Trouble (which the crew avoids again).


Constance: Reduces Heat (down to 2), reduces Stress and heals her two level 1 injuries.
Kamali: Trains Prowess. Spies on the Crimson Skulls (faction that has operations in the Docks).
Gears: Reduces Heat (down to 0), and indulges his Vice, advancing the second stage of the Big Idea.
Kobb: Works on a long term project to solidify Marian’s trust in him (1 segment filled), and Gathers Info on the Ink Rakes (makes contact with Sebastian Atkinson). Also Trains Playbook.
Moira: Trains Insight, and Gathers Info on her parents. Nyryx says that he’s talked to someone who claims to have seen them, who confirms that they are unfortunately dead.
Shade: Finishes the project to upgrade the security of the factory, and heals his level 1 injuries. He also Gathers Info on Jezelle.

The Moon’s Daughter and The Pint and Hound generate 9 Coin total.


Moira is our newest PC. She’s a Whisper who just grew too old to hang out with the Eels. Lillie Thomas herself will find herself in a similar situation very soon.

This is also the first time we hear Constance’s last name (Carter).