The Porcelain Dolls: Session 54 (February 15 2017)

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community on March 03 2017.

Moira is summoned to meet with Constance at a construction site near the factory, where she is given a choice: If she decides she is a woman, she will have a place at Constance’s table, and a voice in the crew, and will receive a share of the crew’s profits. However, she must bear the weight of her words, and do her part to earn for the crew. If however, she decides she’s still a girl, Constance will take care of her, but she will not share in the crew’s profits, and she will not have a voice in the crew’s plans. Moira says that she’s ready to be a woman, so Constance takes her to the factory. Upon climbing the stairs, they are confronted with a cacophony of screams and several dozen floating doll heads that all turn to face them. Shade apologizes for startling them, but declares his new security measures a success. He will work on calibrating them to recognize members of the crew.

Constance convenes a meeting. She advises that the Crows are moving on Charhollow and Charterhall, so if anyone has any personal business there they should keep Constance informed. Meanwhile, the Dolls will be expanding into the Docks.

Kobb and Moira volunteer to keep an eye on the dock workers. Constance tells them to start with Dunham & Sons, Bellhaven Mercantile, and Tyler Brothers Carting.

Kamali will infiltrate the harbormaster’s office to copy the union rolls. She will stay out of Kobb and Moira’s way.

Constance will take on the Crimson Skulls herself, and Shade volunteers to go with her.

Preparation for the Docks Flocks Shock & Rock:

Constance and Shade head to the Docks to talk to the Crimson Skulls. Due to Kamali’s recon, they have no trouble finding them. They work the night shift at one of the warehouses, and spend most of their downtime in The Pearl. Constance and Shade head to the bar, and order two ciders.

Shade Attunes and speaks to the resident ghost, Gerard “Flat Jerry” Archer, who was killed by a falling crane out on the nearby dock, and who doesn’t like the Crimson Skulls. They are too noisy for his taste. He points out their leader Byron.

Kobb and Moira head to the Docks to check out some of the warehouses. Moira Attunes (though she’s always at least halfway in the ghost field) and is attacked by a ghost who is being driven mad by the tolling of the crematorium bell. She successfully defends herself with a crowbar to his face, which seems to snap him out of it. After the bell ceases tolling, he can converse coherently, though he’s still quite surly. He’s a former dock worker named Louie, and he gives her some info on the warehouses Constance mentioned:

  • Tyler Brothers: Shop Steward Adolfo diPaolo. Imports food from Severos (Louie used to work for them, so he has the most information on them).
  • Bellhaven: Shop Steward Kabir Wakim. They deal in mostly spices and silks from Iruvia.
  • Dunham & Sons: Doesn’t know anything about them, other than it’s a Skovlander-owned company.

Constance goes to occupy herself with a round of darts, and finds herself playing against Byron, leader of the Crimson Skulls. He’s surprisingly more friendly than expected, and even flirts with her. She decides that she has a better use for them than simply grinding them up.


The start of a new chapter, and the beginning of new conflicts. Constance’s background will be coming to the forefront very quickly.

I took a cue from a post on this community, and decided that the crematorium bell is only audible in the ghost field.