The Porcelain Dolls: Session 56 (March 01 2017)

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community on March 03 2017.

The Docks Flocks Shock & Rock – Part 2:

Job 3: Constance and Gears head over to the Bellhaven warehouse. They spend some time in cover watching the comings and goings of the guards outside. Constance has also brought along Marlane as backup. The two of them head around the building in opposite directions, while Gears keeps watch on the main entrance. Constance and Marlane are easily able to knock out all of the guards without raising any alarms. They confront the last guard, a fellow patrolling the inside of the building with a lantern, and convince him to run when he sees his buddies all laid out. With the way clear, Gears rigs the main entrance to blow (and crits on his Wreck roll). The door falls inward, and the locals descend on the place as the Bluecoats respond (not too hastily).

After making their escape, Constance and Gears head to the Pint and Hound. She pours him a drink, and explains the next part of the plan. They will approach the businesses that were hit, and offer them the protection that the Dockers obviously cannot provide. Gears has the idea to get some of the dock workers sick, and allow the rumors of a plague sweep through. Constance likes the idea, but reminds Gears that she doesn’t want to destroy the dockers, she wants to replace them. Gears promises he can concoct something that will make people sick, but won’t kill them. After Constance leaves, Gears coughs up a bit of blood.

Aftermath for The Docks Flocks Shock & Rock:

Rep: 3.
Heat: 4 (2 to start, +1 because the Dockers are indeed a well-connected target, +1 because of a Devil’s Bargain for Kobb)
Coin: 8 from the burglary of Dunham & Sons. The piano will be assessed later.
Entanglement: Interrogation. The Bluecoats round up Kobb to ask him about his involvement in the theft of the piano. Constance presents herself as his insurance agent, come to deliver the payout of the theft to the apparent victim. She leaves the cash with the Bluecoats on their assurance that it will reach Mrs. Dunne safely (yeah, right). Constance and Kobb are free to go.


Constance reduces Heat twice (down to 0), and spends a Coin to reduce Stress.

Shade trains Playbook, and follows up on Jezelle, finding her at the spirit well. She begs him to let her in past the wards. It’s obvious that she’s going through some kind of withdrawal.

Gears starts a project to build a pathogen, and uses both actions to complete it (6 of 6 segments). It will make people sick for a few days, but shouldn’t kill anyone.

Moira: Indulges her Vice. She visits Rachel Dalgaard, a fortune teller at the Night Market who reads the bones. She begins a reading, then gets spooked and shoos Moira out. After that, Moira visits a ghost friend of hers, who gives her a bit of background on the scarab (mostly the same info as Kamali already knew). When she mentions Shade, he warns her that Shade is very dangerous, and she shouldn’t associate with him.

Kobb: Trains Playbook, and works on the project to solidify Marian Dunne’s trust in him (4 of 6). He spends Coin to work on a project to cultivate Sebastian Atkinson as a contact, feeding him information that

Kamali: Reduces Stress (down to 1), and trains Prowess. She also spends a Coin to help with Moira’s project on the scarab by perusing the bookstores in Silkshore.

The Moon’s Daughter and the Pint and Hound earn a total of 11 Coin.


Gears’ player and I had a discussion a few weeks back, and we both agreed that it would make the most sense that he would be working on some way to cheat death if he were actually facing some sort of terminal condition. So Gears is basically dying of lung cancer, and he’s looking for a way to replace human organs with machines. This will inadvertently lead to the invention (or rather rediscovery) of Hulls.

Also, I had a brain fart, and when Moira’s player said “I’m going to visit my ghost friend”, I ended up making up a completely new character on the spot rather than using Nyryx. Oh well. More NPCs are always fun.