The Porcelain Dolls: Session 59 (March 22 2017)

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community in April 2017.

Kamali brings Clermont’s message to Shade, who brings it to Constance, who calls a meeting. She doles out the work:

  • Kobb and Boots will follow the Bailey & Sons delivery cart to learn the route.
  • Moira and Gears will go the Hall of Records to research what became of Roric.
  • Kamali and Shade will go to the embassy to bring Clermont in if possible. If he is not agreeable to this, then they should learn all they can from him. They resolve to stash him at the Pint & Hound.
  • Constance and Gloves will pay a visit to the Crimson Skulls to get them on retainer to spy on the Dockers for them.

Kobb follows the Bailey & Sons delivery cart, changing his outfit each time he comes across them. Boots follows along from up on the rooftops. Kobb gets the route, but the eventually the delivery guy notices him and becomes suspicious.

Kobb and Boots then spend the rest of the night bar-hopping, and keeping an eye on what the other patrons are ordering at each place. During the course of the evening, they exchange their life stories. Boots tells Kobb the story of how he first joined the Bluecoats, and then was later drummed out for attempting to bypass his superior officer in a side deal. Kobb gives an abbreviated account of his life before joining the Dolls. He says he doesn’t see himself or the rest of the crew as criminals, compared to the aristocracy. Boots heartily agrees. By the end of the evening, they have a good idea of what’s popular at each of the stops on the Bailey & Sons’ delivery route.

Gears and Moira visit Edmund Baines at the Hall of Records. They get a surprising amount of information on Roric, including when and where he was born, how long he was affiliated with the Crows (which, aside from whatever illegal activities they engage in, do operate a legitimate service for the city). Regarding his death, it is known that his body was found in the canal and his throat cut. However, the Spirit Wardens were not able to sufficiently determine the exact time of death, and as such there is still an open investigation, and they are on the lookout for his ghost.

Kamali and Shade head to the Skovlan Embassy to meet with Clermont. As they speak to the receptionist at the front desk, Kamali notices an aide who perks up at the sound of Clermont’s name and disappears down a side corridor. Kamali makes herself inconspicuous and follows him. The receptionist asks Shade to wait, and after a few minutes comes back to lead him up to Clermont’s office. Before Clermont can speak, Shade Attunes, and discovers an enchanted ring in a cigar box, which is being used to spy on Clermont. He tells Clermont that he’s taking him to lunch.

Meanwhile, Kamali finds the aide in Erik Petersen’s office, speaking with Petersen in hushed tones about Clermont and Shade (whose real name causes a significant amount of amazement and concern). Petersen tells the aide to follow them but not to engage.

Kamali tails the aide as he’s tailing Shade and Clermont. Once they’re off the main street and out of traffic, she intercepts the aide and diverts him into a blind alley. At first he believes she’s with the Circle of Flame and think they’re escalating matters. However, soon enough it becomes apparent to him that this is not the case. She shows him Wulfric’s symbol, and he understands the implication. She shows him a garrote and a dagger, prompting him to choose. This he doesn’t pick up on so easily, so she gestures over her shoulder back at the embassy. Realization dawns, and he tells her that Petersen isn’t her enemy, he’s being manipulated by Madame Tesslyn. She’s intrigued by this notion, and gestures for him to go on. He gives her as much information as he can, and asks her to help get his boss out from under Tesslyn’s influence. Again, she offers the garrote or the dagger. He chooses the former. She politely indicates to him to back off from tailing Shade and Clermont.