The Porcelain Dolls: Session 60 (March 29 2017)

Note: Originally posted to the Blades in the Dark Google+ Community in April 2017.

Clermont brings Shade to the Cat & Cradle. They order lunch, and once Shade is confident that they are not being listened in on, they discuss current events. Shade is able to put Clermont’s mind at ease regarding the Ambassador’s role in the situation. Kamali watches the place from across the street.

Shade escorts Clermont to the Pint and Hound, where he will be safe for the time being.

Constance and Gloves head to the Docks to speak with the Crimson Skulls. On the way there, she discusses Gloves’ time in Ironhook, and asks if anything is plaguing him. He expresses concerns about Kamali.

They find the Skulls in their usual spot. Constance plays a round of darts with Byron and tells him that she wants him and his friends to keep an eye on the locals, and report back anything they find.

Everyone meets back at the factory. Constance asks for everyone’s report. They discuss how to locate Roric’s ghost, if he is still around.

Constance assigns Shade to check his usual haunts (no pun intended) in Crow’s Foot, and Moira to search among the dead. If he is found, Constance wants to know if he can tell them who killed him.

Kobb will accompany Constance to the Pint & Hound, and distract the Bailey & Sons delivery men while Kamali doses the supplies.

Kamali follows the cart and doses the supplies while the deliverymen are distracted. It goes like clockwork.

Moira attempts to locate Nyryx, but instead runs into the Spirit Wardens. They pick up on her extrasensory abilities, and move to bring her in for questioning. She Traumas out while attempting to resist them.

Shade goes to talk to Flint, the spirit trafficker. Flint is friendly enough, but he asks for a cut of whatever is coming to the Dolls in exchange for assistance. They start searching around Crow’s Foot. When they get to Strathmill House, they encounter several spectres who are in the process of menacing another ghost. They successfully fend them off (though Shade takes some nasty scratches in the process), and meet Angus MacMillan, former superintendent of the orphanage. Turns out he knows Roric, who used to live in the orphanage as a child. More to the point, Angus has encountered Roric’s ghost, and can take Shade to meet him. He warns that Roric is not entirely lucid.

Kamali continues working on the deliveries, gets head start with crit, gets a 5 on last roll, finishes, but gets noticed.

The crew meets back at the factory, minus Moira. Kamali and Shade give their reports.


Rep: 0.
Coin: 0.
Heat: 2 (0 base, +1 for a high-profile target, +1 from a Bargain)
Entanglement: Moira was taken in for questioning by the Spirit Wardens.


Constance trains Playbook (earning an advance, which she spends on Closing of the Eye), and reduces Heat (to 0).

The Pint & Hound and The Moon’s Daughter earn a total of 10 Coin.

Constance receives word from her Ironhook guard contact that Hook has been released from prison. He’s currently staying in Charhollow.

Shade heals (spending 3 Coin to remove all his Level 1 Harm, and reduce his Level 2 to Level 1), and indulges his Vice (relieving 6 Stress).

Gears works on The Big Idea (2 of 8), works on the Eye/Mind Interface Device (5 of 8), and spends a Coin to train Playbook.

Kobb trains Playbook, which earns him an advance, which he spends on a Veteran Ability (Calculating, from the Spider), trains Resolve (which gains him another advance, which gets him a 3 in Consort). He spends his third action working on his relationship with Marian Dunne (7 of 8). He then spends a Coin working on his relationship with Sgt. Bartlet (5 of 8).

Moira doesn’t get downtime actions, but when she comes back all her Stress and Injuries are healed and she has a Trauma. We’ll find out what happened to her next time.

Kamali trains Prowess and Insight, and spends Coin to work on her relationship with Kazima (4 of 8). She spends a Coin to work on attuning to the scarab, completing the project. She gets the whole story of Tahir and the Demon from Tahir’s point of view, including getting trapped in the scarab. In the end, she meets Tahir in the dreamscape again, and offers him her hand.


Our third Trauma, and the first one caused by Stress. The dice REALLY did not like Moira tonight.