The Porcelain Dolls: Session 69 (June 07 2017)

Constance and Boots head to Dunslough to speak to the Skovlander refugees. On the way, she speaks to him regarding keeping Penelope clear of the club’s business, as well as the future of the club. Boots advises against waging more than one war at a time, and says it’s best to clear up the business with the Dimmers and the PoE before the Circle of Flame catches up with them, to say nothing of Constance’s plans for the Dockers.

They enter the Devil’s Tooth. Constance speaks to Marcus, who doesn’t know where Ulf is, and in fact claims to have never met the man. He says he will look into trying to find him, but advises Constance speak to Clermont to see if the consulate has any official information on the man.

Kamali and Moira head back to Dimmer Manor. They forego the carriage this time. Moira is not as nimble as Kamali, so Kamali deigns to travel at street level rather than via the rooftops.

They arrive in Brightstone and make for the front door of the manor. After they knock, the door is answered by Serafina, who doesn’t seem surprised to see them. However, when Kamali shows her the lead-lined box, her eyes narrow and she tells them they’re not supposed to have that.

And so it comes to pass that Kamali and Moira enter the house of the Dimmer Sisters. Kamali can see that the entryway is sparsely furnished, save for two rows of taxidermied animal heads hung on the walls. Some of the animals are things out of legend: a bear, a tiger, a zebra. Moira can see that every inch of the house is covered in protective wards.

They are led into a drawing room just off the main entryway. In stark contrast to the first room, this one is lavishly furnished and decorated. Heavy velvet curtains hang over the windows. On the far wall is the set of heavy glass double doors that lead out to the patio. Serafina tells them to wait for Lucrezia.

As they are waiting, a woman that looks remarkably like Lucrezia enters the room, and seems a bit surprised to see visitors. It is the older sister Anastasia, who is able to manifest fully when she wants to. She recognizes Moira as the one who retrieved her from the vault in the abandoned church, and thanks them both for rescuing her.

Kamali shows her the scarab, and Anastasia tells them what she knows of it, which is not a lot. Kamali indicates her plan to free Tahir from the artifact. Anastasia brings up the possibility that Tahir may not be what he claims to be. Nevertheless, she agrees to accompany Kamali into the construct, and they come face to face with Tahir. Anastasia is able to converse with him in halting Hadrathi. Anastasia is intrigued by the situation, and is inclined to assist Kamali in finding or developing a ritual to free Tahir from the artifact. Kamali shows the book to Tahir, and he recognizes that the Order of the Hawk have taken their name from Merekhut, a prominent figure in ancient Hadrathi mythology, who once upon a time drove back a cadre of powerful demons that attempted to invade the world. She allows him to keep the book.

They return to the manor, where only a few minutes have passed, but it’s enough for Lucrezia to show up. Kamali wakes up, Anastasia reappears and politely excuses herself. Kamali checks her back, and sees that she is still in possession of the book. She and Moira discuss Tahir’s predicament with Lucrezia, and while she’s agreeable to assisting the Dolls, she wants something in return. She gives them a list of names of ghosts that were captured or procured by the Path of Echoes, that they would like very much to acquire:

  • Zufar Saleh
  • Alfredo Signorello
  • Fredrick Brownhill
  • Agostino Giannizzi
  • Jared Woddard
  • Beatrice Sutton
  • Bernard Munson

Kamali writes up a contract to deliver three of the individuals on the list in echange for the Sisters help in researching a ritual to free Tahir (if the Dolls bring more, the Sisters will pay Coin for them).

Kobb and Shade look into the properties around the spirit well. They start with a trip to the Hall of Records in Charterhall. Along the way, Shade expounds on the properties of the well itself.

At the Hall of Records, they speak to Edmund Baines, who ushers them into the records room for Crow’s Foot. They get the names of the owners of the six apartment buildings on the block with the well (two of the buildings are owned by the same person, the rest of each owned by a separate person).