The Porcelain Dolls: Session 70 (June 14 2017)

Seeing as how she’s still waiting to hear from Ulf Ironborn, Constance decides that it’s time to go against the Dockers, and she calls a meeting at the factory. She tells them that they’re going to take over the Dockers Union by replacing the shop stewards with people they control.

Preparation for The Nonstop Union Shop Head Chop:

She rattles off the names of the 12 current shop stewards in the Union:

  1. Grace Tompkins (Strangford Trading Company)
  2. Betsy Lobb (Sullivan & Co)
  3. Henry Blay (Imperial Trading, Ltd)
  4. Russell Green (took over for Adolfo DiPaolo at Tyler Brothers Carting)
  5. Vernon Lee (Allied Pickfords Shipping)
  6. Nathan Hosking (Lockport Freight)
  7. Henry Johansen (Dunham & Sons)
  8. Adele Stevenson (Rail and Sail)
  9. Rosario Nappo (Albertson Storage)
  10. Gianfranco Del Gatto (South Point Shipping)
  11. Zelinda Morante (took over for Kabir Wakim at Bellhaven Mercantile)
  12. Rossella Mauriello (Paragon, Ltd)

Constance says they have to replace as many of them as they can (Grace is untouchable for the time being). The members of the Crimson Skulls would be a good place to start.

Moira chooses two names (Vernon Lee and Henry Johansen). She finds Nyryx possessing Theodore, feeding the squirrels in the park. She offers him some bread and cheese, which he accepts gladly. She tells him what she wants to do, and he’s happy to help out. They head to the Docks, and after some poking around and a small ritual, Nyryx is able to show Moira a trail of spectral footprints that apparently belong to Vernon Lee. They follow the trail and discover where Vernon lives, among other things.

They decide to repeat the process for Henry Johansen. This time the trail is a bit murky, they get a rather sketchy picture of Johansen’s comings and goings, but are not able to discover any particular details. However, Moira has been inside the Dunham & Sons warehouse before, so she has a good idea of the layout.

Kobb’s plan is to find as much dirt as he can on his picks (Nathan Hosking, Henry Blay, and Betsy Lobb), and simply blackmail them into stepping down. He finds out from Sgt Bartlet that Hosking is a gambler (and it’s gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion), Blay likes his whiskey (perhaps a little too much), but he can’t find out anything about Betsy. He dons a disguise and heads to Sullivan & Co and learns from the workers there that she is very strict (nearly to the point of revolt).

Kamali picks three names (Zelinda Morante, Rosario Nappo, and Russell Green), the people that she judges are in charge of the most valuable contracts, and her plan is to simply unlock all their warehouses, and let the citizens of Doskvol do the rest (ironically, this is exactly what Constance had done to Bellhaven Mercantile previously). To that end, she stakes out the warehouses themselves, gets a read on the comings and goings of the roving guards, and examines the locks on each of the doors.

The lock on Bellhaven was recently upgraded. It’s a Turner door lock, and she knows that the shape and decoration on the door plate of each Turner lock is unique to that particular model, so she makes a sketch of it to bring to Frake so he can give her some advice on it.

Albertson Storage has fairly average locks on all of its doors. Kamali has no doubt that she’ll be able to open them with no trouble when the time comes.

Despite the fact that Crimson Skulls broke in to taint the food stores they were holding there, the lock has not been changed on the door to the Tyler Brothers warehouse. It’s of a higher quality than those of Albertson Storage, but before she’s able to make a thorough assessment of it, one of the roving guards comes wandering by, and she has to retreat into the shadows to avoid being seen.

Shade chooses a name from the list at random (Adele Stevenson). He brings Jezelle (still in the bottle) to the spirit well in Crow’s Foot. Jezelle can obviously sense she’s near it, as the bottle begins to vibrate erratically. He opens the bottle, and she shoots straight into the spirit well. When she emerges, she’s fully manifested (like Anastasia), brimming with energy, and more than a little arrogant. Shade gets her to follow him to the Docks. They stake out the Rail and Sail warehouse. Jezelle drops her manifestation, and notes that it takes a lot of energy to maintain it for any extended length of time. She walks right into the warehouse itself and heads up to the office. When she comes out, she says she got a look at the duty roster and knows that Adele is off shift in an hour. Shade can already see that she’s starting to look a little drained.

As they’re waiting, Jezelle asks Shade to keep her away from the spirit well, as she’s worried about being addicted to it, and she doesn’t like what she’s capable of when her inhibitions are lowered. Once Adele exits the warehouse, they follow her home, noting that the route takes her along the docks themselves (which figures significantly into Shade’s plan for her).

Gears cases the South Point Shipping warehouse, and finds the junction box that controls the electric lights is poorly wired, which will come in handy when he puts his plan to set the place on fire into action.

Constance goes to speak to the Crimson Skulls. Byron gets one of his buddies to bring her a drink as she approaches the table. She asks him which of his crew is “the brainbox”. He indicates his buddy Jim. Constance asks Jim who the 8th Lord Governor was. He answers correctly, but it was a bluff, as Constance didn’t know the answer in the first place.

She takes the both of them for a long stroll through the Docks, and speaks to them about her plan. She tells Byron to get together as many of his buddies as he can, and they are all to sign on with the Union, pay dues, and work at different warehouses on the docks for a time. When they see their shop stewards step down, or retire, or simply disappear, she wants them to volunteer to replace them. She says the Dolls will make sure that the votes go their way.

Byron asks for a dinner date in return. Constance has a very difficult time believing he actually means it when he says he fancies her. She reluctantly agrees, and says she will send someone around with the Coin to pay the union dues.


I gave everyone the chance to choose either one, two, or three names on the list, and that would determine the Position for their Gather Info roll (Controlled, Risky, Desperate). No one failed a roll, but there were a couple of 4-5 results.

When coming up with the names for the shipping and warehouse companies, I resisted the urge to name them anything as whimsical as Iruvian Express. The Strangford Trading Company is very much modeled on the EIC (as seen in Taboo).