The Porcelain Dolls: Session 71 (June 21 2017)

The Nonstop Union Shop Head Chop:

Over the course of two weeks or so, Moira sets the Eels to the task of turning Vernon Lee and Henry Johansen against each other. They plant a rumor designed to get back to Henry that Vernon has been seen entering and exiting his house while he’s away at work (and Henry’s wife is at home). Meanwhile, they also drop hints to Vernon that Henry has been seen nosing around his daughter. Moira oversells it just a little when she slips in an additional tidbit that Henry might be after Vernon’s job, and this makes Vernon a little suspicious at all these rumors flying around. But that’s alright, she can work with it.

Turning to her fellow Dolls, she obtains a dose of rage essence in the form of a dart, and as a way of distracting Henry, approaches him out front of the union hall with a comicly oversized pipe and asks for a light, while Kamali administers the dart to the Henry’s neck via blowgun. He blows her off and steps inside the union hall.

Shade has spent the better part of two weeks performing a ritual to summon a water demon. He has also spent some time with the Eels, acquainting them with what Adele Stevenson looks like, and her usual route home from work. They stand ready to provide a much needed distraction when she draws close to the water.

On the night in question, he is hiding in an empty rain barrel right on the waterfront, when Adele Stevenson walks by on her way home from work. He has with him a small glass vial with a lock of her hair in it, as well as the other prepared ingredients, stoppered by a piece of cloth. As Adele makes her way past the dock, the Eels spring into action. Olivio makes an exaggerated attempt to pick a large man’s pocket, gets discovered, and is hauled up by his shirt collar. Lillie Thomas takes the opportunity to clamp onto the man’s bicep and berate him loudly for attacking her friend unprovoked. For his part, the man is slow to react. Everyone in the area has turned to behold this spectacle, including Adele.

Shade throws the vial into the water, and waits. Several seconds later, a slim, lithe figure erupts from the water, and grabs Adele in a bear hug. When gravity asserts itself, both of them go tumbling backward off the dock into the canal. Shade notes that the demon bore more than a passing resemblance to Setarra.

Moira watches the proceedings at the union hall through an upstairs window. During the meeting, Henry becomes increasingly more agitated, and finally, he can contain himself no longer. He lashes out verbally at Vernon who, while initially startled, responds in kind. The argument quickly escalates despite Nathan Hosking’s attempt to calm his friend Henry down, and before anyone can react, Henry vaults over the table and launches himself at Vernon, tackling him to the floor and beating him bloody and senseless.

By the time Nathan and Russell manage to drag Henry off of Vernon’s unconscious form, the rage essence is already wearing off, and the outrage on Henry’s face is replaced with confusion, as he sits in a corner and wonders what just happened, staring in horror at his own bloody hands.

Kobb spends several days working on Betsy’s people. He finds out where they hang out after their shifts, and gets them talking about work. For them, this means complaining about the boss. He commiserates with them, and takes the opportunity to plant a few suggestions, and over the course of the next week or so, this ends up whipping the workers into a frenzy. However, Kobb did his job just a little too well, as the workers decide, instead of going on strike, they will simply vandalize the warehouse and destroy some of the goods stored there. Nevertheless, it has the desired effect on Betsy.

Next, he locates Henry Blay, and proceeds to help him in getting completely fall-down, blackout drunk, with the intent of putting him on the next ship bound for Severos. Along the way, Blay lets some information slip about his other target, Nathan Hosking, who is some serious debt (2 Coin) to a man named Martin Robbins, who is known to everyone in the docks as Ogre.

He invites Nathan to a card game at Spogg’s, which is also attended by Ogre. Nathan attempts to flee, but Ogre’s goons put a stop to that. For his part, Ogre (who is surprisingly soft-spoken for someone built like a gorilla on steroids) is happy to see Nathan, as he expects there will be a quick resolution to the situation, one way or another.

The game doesn’t go Nathan’s way, and he ends up owing more to Ogre (the debt is now up to 6 Coin). Kobb calls for a break, and Nathan accompanies him to the restroom (Spogg’s is a classy place). Kobb convinces Nathan to step down from his position a shop steward in exchange for Kobb covering his debt to Ogre. Nathan is bewildered as to why Kobb would do this, but agrees, as he has little choice.

They head back out, and Kobb asks to speak to Ogre. Kobb proposes to offer him a down payment in the form of his own winnings from the evening (1 Coin), with the promise to make haste in paying the rest of Nathan’s debt in full, in exchange for letting Nathan go with all his bones intact. Ogre is intrigued by the offer, but needs some assurance that Kobb will honor his end of the bargain. Kobb mentions the impending soiree that will be held by Ms. Marian Dunne, and promises to ensure that Ogre is on the guest list, and that he will have his money waiting for him.


In terms of in-game passage of time, this is the longest job they’ve ever pulled.

Ogre is based at least in part on the Kingpin.