The Porcelain Dolls: Session 72 (June 28 2017)

The Nonstop Union Shop Head Chop (Continued):

Kamali approaches the Bellhaven warehouse, and using the information she gained from Frake on the Turner lock on the door, manages to get it open with very little difficulty. She ducks inside, grabs the first thing she can find that seems valuable, and leaves it on the ground outside the open door. It doesn’t take long for the locals to notice.

She then heads over to Albertson Storage, and gets to work on the lock. She soon has it open, and grabs a crate of unfamiliar spiky red fruit from Tycheros, and props the door open with it. She keeps some of the fruit for herself.

Gears sends Prichard into the South Point Shipping warehouse with some very specific instructions on how to set the fire near the electrical junction box. It goes exactly as planned, and the warehouse goes up nicely.

Kamali sees the fire from several blocks away, as she approaches the Tyler Brothers warehouse.

She’s working on getting the lock open when a guard comes around the corner and spots her. She lets him approach, pretending to freeze in panic, but she’s silently calculating exactly how close she wants him to get as she pours a small vial of oil on the ground in front of the door. Once he gets within range, she springs away, and when the guard makes a grab for her, he slips on the puddle of oil and goes down hard. She can hear him groan a bit, but he’s reluctant to get up.

She grabs the keyring from his belt, opens the door, and starts levering crates of food open inside. Then she blows her dog whistle. She can hear barking as she strolls away from the docks, and passes several stray dogs running toward the wonderful smell of dinner.


Rep: 0.
Coin: 0.
Heat: 5 (2 for standard containment, +1 for a consequence, and +2 for Shade killing someone).
Entanglement: Gang Trouble. Kobb enters the Leaky Bucket one night to see Prichard and the Lampblacks at their usual table, enjoying a drink. They invite him to sit and celebrate with them. One of them very nearly says something out loud about the previous job, but Prichard smacks the guy’s head before he can spill any real details.

The crew upgrades its Vault. Now they will be able to hold enough Coin to upgrade to Tier III.


Constance reduces Heat (down to 3), and indulges her Vice (down to 2).

Kobb trains Playbook (earning him an advance, which he spends on Connected), reduces Heat (clearing it), and indulges his Vice (down to 4).

Kamali reduces Stress (clearing it), and works on her project to recruit the Iruvian immigrants (4 of 8). Kamali becomes the Banksy of Doskvol, and leaves coded messages in her artwork. People who are able to decipher them end up at the bookstore, the basement of which has been converted into a meeting area and hookah lounge, where Kazima begins to educate them on the nature of the deal the Iruvian government has made with unnatural creatures from beyond time and space.

Shade reduces Stress twice (and ends up overindulging).

Gears reduces Stress (down to 3), and works on his Painkiller project (completing it).

Moira trains Prowess, and reduces Stress (and overindulges).

The Moon’s Daughter and the Pint & Hound earn a total of 12 Coin (after paying 2 to Grace).


Moira’s player will be taking over Penelope, who is a Spider.