The Porcelain Dolls: Session 73 (July 05 2017)

Both Shade and Moira are lost this session.

First Things First:

Results of the previous job:

  • Adele Stevenson (Rail and Sail): Missing (actually dead)
  • Henry Johansen (Dunham & Sons): Suspended pending further investigation (likely going to be fired after assaulting Vernon Lee)
  • Vernon Lee (Allied Pickfords Shipping): In the hospital with multiple skull fractures (will be laid up for weeks at least)
  • Betsy Lobb (Sullivan & Co): Suspended pending further investigation (her workers rioted and vandalized the warehouse)
  • Henry Blay (Imperial Trading, Ltd): Missing (on a ship headed for Severos)
  • Nathan Hosking (Lockport Freight): Resigned (and is moving to Wintercliff)
  • Zelinda Morante (Bellhaven Mercantile): Suspended pending further investigation (accusations of gross negligence that allowed several individuals to enter and steal a number of valuables)
  • Rosario Nappo (Albertson Storage): Suspended pending further investigation (accusations of gross negligence that allowed several individuals to enter and steal a number of valuables)
  • Russell Green (Tyler Brothers Carting): Suspended pending further investigation (accusations of gross negligence that allowed a pack of wild dogs to enter and eat/destroy a significant amount of perishable goods)
  • Gianfranco Del Gatto (South Point Shipping): Suspended pending further investigation (accusations of gross negligence that caused the electrical fire that destroyed the warehouse)

Constance is hanging out at the Leaky Bucket when Gabriel Clausen of the Gondoliers happens by. He works for Lyla Mullany, and is looking for Shade, to talk to him about the spirit well. She asks him about the Hand of Kotar. He’s surprised she’s heard of it, but tells her what he knows.

Penelope is in the office of the Pint & Hound, working on the books before opening. Dacio comes in, with two of his goons in tow, looking for Gears. He says that they stole something that belongs to him. He gives his name and says Gears will know who he is, and what was taken from him. He says they have 1 day, and he takes his leave. The entire exchange was polite, but there was a palpable menace in his tone. Penelope is still catching her breath when Boots arrives to help with the evening’s setup. She tells him what transpired, and he resolves to look into it.

The crew is going to split up and undertake two separate jobs:

The Charity Subsidiary Conservation of Parity Hilarity:

The time has come for Marian Dunne’s big charity event. Among other things, Kobb will arrange a high-stakes card game in one of the side rooms. Participating in this job:

  • Penelope
  • Kobb
  • Gloves
  • Boots


Kobb goes through the guest list to find the best people to fleece. Result is 5, so he gets limited effect. Kobb also introduces Penelope to Marian as a financial advisor, and suggests that she could be of immense help in making their funds stretch farther. Penelope makes a fairly good first impression, but Marian is reluctant to give her access to the financial records of the charity trust she’s set up for the Skovlan refugees, as they’ve only just met.

The Job:

Engagement Roll is 5. Event is being held at the house of Katherine McKenzie, a friend of Marian’s from Brightstone. The ballroom is lavishly appointed, and there’s a 6 piece string ensemble. The guests begin to arrive, and it’s a veritable Who’s Who of Doskvol. Also in attendance is Martin Robbins who, as it turns out, cleans up quite nicely.

The Fleet Street Seat Meet & Greet:

The crew works on getting Byron’s people elected as the new shop stewards in the Docks. Participating in this job:

  • Constance
  • Kamali
  • Gears

The Job: Engagement Roll is a crit. Constance heads to the Black Tree. She finds the workers of several warehouses there, and as she grew up in the Docks, she knows many of the faces. They greet her as an old friend. She spends some time talking with them, and listening to them talk about work, which includes complaining about work. She mentions the upcoming votes to appoint new shop stewards, and she points them all in the right direction.

Kobb has gathered Doskvol’s most well-to-do in a side room, and has set up a friendly card game. He and Penelope do a fantastic job of working the table, and very soon Kobb is halfway to getting out of debt with Ogre (sorry, “Mr. Robbins”). The other men at the table are all so rich that they don’t even seem to mind losing hand after hand. Without fail, they simply laugh it off and jump into the next hand with renewed enthusiasm. Kobb doesn’t feel the slightest bit guilty about robbing them blind. He does make sure to let them win every once in a while whenever interest seems to be waning.

Constance goes to Sam’s Pub, but the reception is considerably less warm. The folks here remember her father more fondly than the regulars at the Black Tree, and they give her the cold shoulder. Constance exits graciously, but gives the signal to Kamali, who is waiting on a nearby rooftop.

Kamali waits for the regulars to stumble out of the pub and head for home. She follows them and manges to get some blackmail info on them. She returns to the factory and presents her notebook to Gears, who spends the better part of the next morning coaching Constance on the information to use against the holdouts. When she heads back over to Sam’s at the workers lunch break, she waltzes in and speaks in as close to a whisper as she can manage, and one by one the workers’ eyes go wide, and they quietly agree to tow the line.

To round out the day, Constance heads over to South Point Shipping to see why the workers there don’t seem to be at any of the local watering holes. Turns out it’s because they’re actually all working overtime to clear the wreckage left from the warehouse fire. Constance springs for a delivery of sausages and tea for all involved, and even lends a hand shifting all the rubble, and that puts her over the top.

Kobb’s card game is progressing nicely. Penelope excuses herself and goes to take a look at Marian’s ledger. By this time, Marian has had a few drinks, and is more willing to have Penelope work her magic in maximizing the potential of the funds they’ve raised, but she insists on staying with her and supervising. Penelope has prepared for this eventuality, and even brought with her a volume on the Doskvol tax code to help explain how certain expenses can be deducted from the taxable income of the trust, thus saving quite a bit of money.

Just as Penelope is despairing of ever getting a minute alone with the ledger, Gloves appears and graciously asks Marian for a dance. He winks at Penelope as he leads Marian away toward the dance floor. Penelope wastes no time in making some subtle adjustments to the numbers, and securing a nice return for the Dolls.

Kobb has earned enough to allow him to settle up with Ogre, but he’s not done yet. He continues to work the game, and in the end, earns a total of 7 Coin in pure profit. The next day he deposits 5 Coin in the newly upgraded vault, and he splits the other 2 with Penelope.


Rep: 2.
Coin: 5 (Kobb and Penelope each earn an additional Coin, and the crew will shortly see a hefty return on the Skovlan shipping deal).
Heat: 0.
Entanglement: Gang Trouble.

We will see downtime actions next time.


We will see the results of the charity ball and the union elections next time.