The Porcelain Dolls: Session 74 (July 12 2017)


Note: When Gears gained the Alchemist ability, we missed the part where he was also supposed to gain one formula for free. Gears had been working on a project to research a formula for a painkiller, so we retconned it, and designated this formula as the “free” one, and that the project itself was to research a different formula.

The original formula is for a substance that Gears has named Clear, which negates all effects of wounds (negates all penalties) for 1 hour. The new formula originated as a byproduct of the process for producing Clear, and it has the opposite effect, causing excruciating pain (induces the effects of a Level 3 Wound). Gears has named it Shatter, because it produces the sensation of broken bones. It is a thin liquid that can be administered in a variety of methods (inject it, mix it with an oil and coat a blade with it, or simply force it down a victim’s throat). Both Clear and Shatter are Tier VI formulas.

Gears produces a single dose each of Clear and Shatter, and works on the Big Idea (completing Part 3 and 4 slices on Part 4).

Kamali trains Playbook, works on her Iruvian subversion project (6 of 8), and spends a Coin to work on the Free Tahir ritual (2 of 8). The Dimmer Sisters promised assistance on this, and it comes in the form of a list of books to track down and go through for relevant information.

Constance trains Playbook (earning her an advance, which gets her Battleborn), and reduces stress, and overindulges. She opts for an additional Entanglement, which comes up Unquiet Dead:

Constance finds herself up on the roof of the factory, looking over the changes wrought by the gentrification of Drop Heights when He visits her. He instructs her to walk south, and she will know when she gets to where she’s supposed to be. She does so, and ends up at the very southern edge of the city, in one of the radiant energy farms, an orchard of bioluminescent apples. She’s just about at the point of wondering why she’s there when there’s a surge in the lightning wall just past the edge of the field, and all of a sudden the lightning tower nearest her goes completely dark, and there’s a gap in the wall. An alarm sounds, and everyone rushes to get under cover. She can hear a frenzy of activity from the sparkwrights up in the tower trying to get the machinery up and running again. Half a dozen spirit wardens, in their flowing black robes and their steel grey masks, carrying ornate lightning hooks and braces of spirit bottles on chains, come tromping up and get into formation in front of the gap. The wave of feral ghosts comes a moment later, and the Spirit Wardens bear the brunt of the attack. At first, Constance can’t see the ghosts, just the Spirit Wardens being attacked. Then, as if a veil has been lifted, she can see them, swarming all around. She steps forward and warns the Spirit Wardens to get behind her. Their training and quick thinking prevent them from arguing with her, and they comply as she unleashes Glorious Visage. The ghosts freeze, not so much from fear as from confusion and curiosity. They don’t know how to deal with someone that’s not afraid of them. Constance moves forward and rebukes them (not actually naming Yanth Agog, but invoking His authority), and then the ghosts become utterly terrified, and are actually forced back toward the breach. The lightning tower comes back online a moment later, and the wall repairs itself. The ghosts find themselves with no place to retreat to, and under Constance’s onslaught they begin to disintegrate. As the dust clears, Constance makes a quick exit before the Spirit Wardens can recover their wits enough to question her.

Kobb reduces Stress (clearing it), trains Playbook, and works on the project to befriend Sebastian Adkinson (completing it). Kobb talks his ear off about the charity ball, and all the good that it’s doing for the city.

Penelope reduces stress (down to 2) and trains Playbook.

The Moon’s Daughter and the Pint & Hound earn a total of 8 Coin.

Boots speaks to Constance and requests a meeting to deal with Dacio.

Constance is amused, but calls the meeting. Penelope recounts what happened, and Gears & Kobb fill in the details as to exactly who Dacio is.

Constance heads over to the address given with Gears and Boots. Upon arriving, a kid hanging out on the front step heads inside. Constance enters and chains the back door, then she proceeds to empty the building. As she climbs the stairs, the last person out is the lookout kid. Constance asks where Dacio is, he says it’s 3B and makes a hasty retreat.

Constance, Gears, and Boots continue on up to the 3rd floor. Constance heads into 3A, which is now empty. She grabs a table and jams it against 3B’s door.

She offers Gears the honor of making a new door. Gears examines the walls, picks his spot, and affixes one of his grenades to the plaster as a makeshift bomb.

There is a loud explosion, which makes a nice-sized hole in the wall adjoining 3B. The blast has taken out one of his goons already, and Constance steps over him to enter the apartment. She grabs the closest goon that’s still standing (Sireno), and tosses him out the window. Boots draws two pistols, aims at the heads of the two remaining goons (who are still in shock), and shoots a glance at Constance. She nods, and he shoots them both. Constance berates Dacio roundly, and intimidates him into submission. Gears assists with judicious application of his cattle prod. Constance marches Dacio to the Docks and makes him apologize to Penelope, and says that he works for her now. Penelope is certain she will find a use for him.

Afterward, Constance speaks to Penelope privately. They agree that she will be a full member of the club.

Final result of the union elections: Byron and his crew have managed to secure 7 out of the 10 vacant positions. Three of them have strong hold. The other four have weak hold, representing that they have made promises that they will now have to keep.

Maldor Wlliamsen visits Constance at the Bucket, and says that he’s there at the behest of his associate Ulf Ironborn.