The Porcelain Dolls: Session 76 (July 26 2017)

Preparation, continued:

Gears wants to talk to the employees of Paragon, Ltd. to try and get a read on their shop steward, Rossella. However, while he knows they hang out at the Black Tree, he doesn’t really have an in road with them. Moira aims to fix this. She finds Nyryx (currently possessing Skannon the bartender) and asks him to help her find out info on the workers at the Black Tree. He agrees, and body-jumps until he gets to a stevedore named Basil who works for Paragon. They head into the Black Tree and Nyryx greets Basil’s coworkers, chatting them up and getting them to share lots of information on them and their friends and family, which Moira passes on to Gears as she exits the tavern.

Gear and Prichard then walk in, and Gears greets everyone as a long lost son of the Docks, recently returned from abroad. He drops the names that Moira fed him, and it works… until it almost doesn’t. At some point, someone mentions someone named “Adrianna”, a name that he hasn’t heard before. He makes a comment about her weight, and there’s a tense moment, which is broken by uproarious laughter. With the ice broken, the conversation turns to work.

Gears learns that the whole company is nervous about the current situation, as it seems like all the other shipping companies on the docks were hit recently, and everyone’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. It also comes out that Rossella doesn’t like Grace. Gears relays this information to Constance, and she decides that Rossella sounds like someone that can be reasoned with. She has Boots contact Byron and the Crimson Skulls and make certain the plan is crystal clear, and that Rossella is not to be touched during the assault.

The Unbecoming Incoming Homecoming Succumbing:

The job is kicked off by an assault on the warehouse of the Strangford Trading Company, with the intention of taking out Grace and her people before the meeting at the union hall. Engagement roll is 5, so default Position is Risky.

Constance, Shade, and Boots approach the warehouse. Shade and Boots quietly take up positions at the side doors while Constance strides right up and kicks in the front door. Grace was in the middle of the main room arguing with one of her cronies when this happened. All eyes turn toward the door. Constance offers the workers one chance to leave, otherwise she will kill everyone in the building. Grace makes a comment that indicates that she recognizes Constance despite the warpaint, draws a pistol, and orders her people to attack.

A wave of hired muscle comes at Constance, who is ready with her anchor. She kills three in the first volley, and this is enough to send the rest of them surging back to try and escape through the side doors. However, Shade and Boots are there waiting for them. Shade draws a straight razor and holds it out, and this is the signal for the small army of ghosts he has brought with him to attack. All Constance can see is that the goons are getting ripped apart. Shade very nearly gets trampled in the stampede, but the few that get past him are met with more ghosts outside. Everyone can hear gunshots as the rest of the workers that tried to flee through the other door are met by Boots and his small army of guns.

Constance advances on Grace and her bodyguards…

Penelope takes a huge risk by visiting Inspector Wilford Teague and gives him the information on Grace and Strangford that she found. He asks if it can be verified, and she says she found it at the Hall of Records. He says it will have to be checked out, but if it’s true, this is the missing piece of the puzzle that the City Council needed to bring a case against Lord Strangford, and put his trading company into receivership. Teague lets Penelope go, but expects her to appear in court and testify. She will be watched closely in the weeks to come.

Kobb is hanging out with the Bluecoats. He lays out the plan, explaining that he knows they’ve not been happy with their take from the Docks of late, and his associates are working to make that right. All they have to do is stay out of the Docks for one night, and look the other way regarding some possible violence, and it should be smooth sailing afterward. One of the officers pipes up and asks what’s in it for them, angling for getting a better cut, but Sgt. Bartlet goes to bat for Kobb, says he’s a straight shooter, and convinces them to give him a chance. They all agree to stay out of the Docks for the evening.

Kamali is watching the union hall from across the street. Prichard and the Lampblacks are camped out in the alley on the side. She sees Byron and his guys go in, as well as Glynis Turner and Lewis Greenstreet. Alexander Kellis, however, does not show up (the result of the Engagement roll). Kamali sees Prichard stroll in and shut the door behind him, so she takes off to find Kellis.

She finds him at his home, arguing with his wife about work. Seems they have a sick child at home, and she’s making a big deal of him spending all hours at work and neglecting his family. He relents, and they head into the son’s bedroom. Kamali gets to work. The Kellis family lives on the second floor of a small two-story apartment building. The staircase to the second floor is outside, so Kamali rigs up a line that runs over the roof, with a chunk of brick on the end, designed to knock on their door when tugged on. She lowers herself down from the roof, and hanging upside-down, very carefully oils the rails of the window and slides it open. She climbs in, the line tied to her finger.

She has landed in the main room of the apartment, and can see the doors leading to the two bedrooms. The door to the son’s room is ajar, and she can see Alexander and his wife sitting by the son’s bedside. She waits until the wife is done feeding their son some soup, and and tugs on the line, knocking on the front door. Mrs. Kellis goes to answer it, and Kamali darts into the son’s bedroom and smoothly puts a gun to Alexander’s head. She quickly ushers him into the other room and shuts the door as Mrs. Kellis expresses her confusion at answering the door only to find no one there. Alexander doesn’t know the details, but he immediately understands why Kamali is here, and that whatever she might have planned for him, the gun is a worse option. She hands him a poison pill. He asks her not to hurt his family. She nods, and leaves 2 Coin on the nightstand, and exits via the bedroom window.

She’s up on the roof gathering up her equipment when she hears the cries of anguish from below.

She heads over to the union hall, and everything is quiet. Inside, Byron and his buddies are mopping up (literally). The bodies of Glynis and Lewis have already been cleared away. Rossella is sitting on a bench in the corner, and looks to be in shock, but otherwise unharmed. Kamali shows her the list of names, crosses off everyone except her and gives her a questioning look. Rossella says that they won’t get any trouble from her. Kamali nods and lets her leave.

Byron says that he decided it was best to keep it quiet, so they didn’t use guns, and his guys are taking the bodies to Charhollow and Six Towers to be discovered in the morning. He asks her if Constance has said anything about him. Kamali gives him a thoughtful look, but doesn’t answer as she leaves.


Kamali is a bad bad person. If faced with the same situation, Constance would have found another way.