The Porcelain Dolls: Session 77 (August 02 2017)

The Unbecoming Incoming Homecoming Succumbing (Conclusion):

Constance lets the brokenn remnant of the hired goons flee past her out the front door. The bodyguards are between her and Grace. Marvin is armed with nothing but his bare fists, and his buddy Patrick is carrying a nasty-looking spiked club. She points at Marvin, and he steps forward, indicating to Patrick to stay out of it.


Shade goes looking for a particular kind of ghost, those who are looking for a little bloodshed and aren’t too discriminating (of course leaves Nyryx out of it), and this being Doskvol, of course he finds some. He makes various deals to get them on his side, promising some of them access to his spirit well. Before long he’s approached by Roric himself, who says that word has gotten around that Shade is making a move against Grace, and he wants in. Shade is happy to have him along.

Grace’s attention is on Boots; she’s taken a shot at him that’s sent him scurrying behind cover. Shade’s ghosts are finishing up the warehouse workers that were trying to escape through the side door.

Marvin squares off against Constance. She goes in low, grabs him around the waist and flips him over her shoulder, and he lands hard, flat on his back behind her. He groans, and begins the long process of trying to get back on his feet.

Roric lunges at Grace, and to his surprise is bounced back like he hit a brick wall. Turns out she has a spiritbane charm around her neck. Shade hits her with Tempest, shocking her with an impressive bolt of lightning. She turns and shoots him in the chest, but he has armor on. Boots takes the opportunity to pop out and fire a shot from behind, and Grace goes down.

Constance dives onto Marvin and pins him down. He taps out, and she lets him up. He retreats to a corner of the warehouse. Constance grabs her anchor and brandishes it at Patrick, and he takes the opportunity to launch himself at her, spiked club at the ready. She takes a hit on the shoulder, but she has her armor on, and she counterattacks and downs him with one shot.

Shade removes the spiritbane charm from Grace’s neck, and her eyes fly open. Having succesfully possessed Grace, Roric speaks to Constance, congratulating her. Constance asks what his plans are for Grace, and he says he’s contemplating walking her up to the tallest building he can find, and jumping out just as she’s going over the edge. Or maybe he’ll find a really big furnace and march her into it. Or maybe he’ll drop her into the canal. Constance says that’s what she did to Baszo. She reminds him that whatever he decides to do, they don’t want her coming back. He agrees, and settles on the furnace. As he’s leaving, she asks him if he’ll move on now that his business with Grace is finished, and he says it doesn’t work like that since the Cataclysm.

Constance offers Marvin a job. He asks if there are any openings at the Pint & Hound, expressing a desire for simpler work. She tells him to talk to Penelope, as she is in need of a bodyguard.

She tells Shade and Boots to loot the place.


Rep: 2.
Coin: 6 Coin (+2 from their Fence, Basran).
Heat: 4 (+ 2 for killing, +1 from Penelope going to the Inspector).
Entanglement: Interrogation. Kamali gets picked up by the Bluecoats, but it turns out that it’s for something completely unrelated to the murder. They lean on her for a while, until Darmot shows up and lets her go.


Constance: Reduces Heat (down to 5), and indulges her Vice (down to 2).
Shade: Indulges his Vice (and ends up overindulging), starts a project to learn how to tap the spirit well and bottle the energy (3 of 8), and spends 1 Coin to recharge his ritual.
Kobb: Reduces Heat (clearing it), trains Playbook, and trains Prowess, and spends 1 Coin to work on a project to befriend Klyra, owner of the Black Tree (2 of 8).
Penelope: Trains Playbook (earning an advance, which gets her Calculating), indulges her Vice (and ends up overindulging), and trains Insight.
Kamali: Heals (clearing her Level 1 Harm), and works on her Iruvian project (finishing it).
Moira: Trains Playbook, and heals (clearing her Level 1 Harm).
Gears: Indulges his Vice (down to 2), and works on the Big Idea (finishing Part 4, and 3 out of 8 on Part 5).

The Moon’s Daughter and the Pint and Hound earn a total of 10 Coin.


Another chapter end. Constance’s lifelong war with Grace is over. Coming next, the Dimmer Sisters go to war with the Path of Echoes, and the Circle of Flame.