The Tomorrow Legion: Session 07 (March 30 2017)

Mason and Winters are scrambling up the remains of the hill. It’s slow going because the hill is mostly made up of ash now. Back at camp, the crew looks up to see the swarm burst from the hill and descend on everyone. The Wolf Pack draws weapons and digs in. The fight goes fairly well until a Xitixic elite warrior emerges. 12 feet tall, with six arms, four swords, and two guns.

Puck is able to contact it telepathically and take partial control of its mind. It’s a constant struggle, but he is able to get it to hesitate long enough for Argyle and Mason to take it out, which causes the rest of the swarm to descend into chaos.

Dr. Po asks Wyoming to meet him in the library. He shows her a scene from Mason’s video feed, when the crew was passing through the hive nursery. She sees that the nannies are feeding the larvae the slime that was on the floor of the room. They discuss how bees feed their larvae with honey. Dr. Po points out that there are bodies mixed in with the slime, some human, but there are DBs mixed in as well. He speculates that they are selecting victims for their psionic abilities.

It is Dr. Po’s opinion that they do not have the resources to synthesize a proper food source before the larva would starve to death. He is eager to have an opportunity to vivisect it. Wyoming is not thrilled with this idea, but is willing to concede to Dr. Po’s authority.

Wyoming excuses herself and heads back to the med bay to help with the wounded. When they get wind of who she is, they press her for information on what happened in the hive while they were out, so she launches into the thrilling tale of the assault on the Xitixic queen.

Once the noise dies down, Puck retrieves one of the Xitixic’s rifles, but he unable to get it to fire, despite his psionic abilities.

Argyle sees the remnants of the Xitixic off in the distance. He gets on the radio and confers with the Wolf Pack. They agree that it’s a good idea to press the advantage while they can, in order to head off a potential problem later on.

After much time and lots of effort, Mason and Winters are able to get back into the hive and locate Tina. Winters speaks to her, and after a while she recognizes him. He tells her it’s time to go home, and she agrees. Mason is able to pick up on some of what she’s feeling.

As they head back toward the camp, the Wolf Pack has packed everything up and the APC heads out to meet them. As they approach, Lucy jumps out from the vehicle and runs up to Tina, and gathers her up in a bear hug.