The Tomorrow Legion: Session 08 (April 27 2017)

Fiona intercepts Wyoming as she’s wandering through the motor pool, and invites her to go out drinking. She piles into a jeep with Fiona and her two brothers and they head out to Dogtown, a small settlement not too far away from the castle. On the way she takes the opportunity to get to know them better (mostly Fiona). Upon arriving at the town, Wyoming discovers the reason for the town’s name: it is populated entirely by Dogboys.

Vlad congratulates Mason, Argyle, and Puck on a job well done, and says that they’re going to take Tina home. He loans a LasRifle to Argyle. Lucy hugs everyone, and the Wolf Pack heads back to the castle.

Mason and Argyle agree that they should take the opportunity to press the advantage, now that the swarm is homeless, leaderless, and on the run. Sanchez brings out several heavily annotated paper maps. The group confers, and they determine that based on the direction the swarm is headed, the closest settlement that it’s likely to encounter is a town called Valiant. They load up into the APC and head in that direction.

Flynn and Fletcher are excited at the prospect of having a drink, so they’re not paying too much attention, but Fiona and Wyoming get the distinct feeling that something’s not quite right in Dogtown. They head to the saloon, and Wyoming picks up on the decidedly nervous atmosphere. A waitress approaches the group, and Fiona greets her by name (Grenda). The brothers launch into ordering food and drink, and make a show of introducing Wyoming. When Fiona asks about Gordo, the mayor, Grenda says he’s alright, but it’s obvious that there’s something troubling her.

Sanchez, Argyle, and Mason have been driving for quite a while, and the trail leads up to a mountain pass. However, they find the way blocked by a recent rockfall. They get out and begin the process of clearing away the rocks. A couple of hours into it they notice a large flock of birds circling overhead, which then suddenly attacks without warning. The are large black raven-like birds, but there are decidedly unbirdlike features, such as chitin, mandibles, and claws, and they spit acid.

Mason attacks with his sword, swatting groups of them away. Puck uses telekinesis to slam groups of birds into each other. Argyle jumps into the truck and leans on the horn. Mason picks up on his tactic and attempts to scare them off by emitting a high-pitched screech. It has the desired effect, but in the process his vox unit is damaged, so he can’t turn off the loudspeaker effect. Once things quiet down, they can see that Puck is suffering from a serious headache. He mentions that he encountered a hive mind amongst the birds. Argyle collects some samples of the dead birds for Dr. Po. They finish clearing the rubble (and now the bird corpses as well), and continue on their way.

At the bar in Dogtown, food and drink are served. As the meal progresses, the triplets make a show of entertaining Wyoming. For her part, Wyoming partakes of the alcohol sparingly, but still ends up with a slight buzz. She notices that the food is all vegetarian; there is no meat to be found anywhere.

Fiona and Wyoming go for a walk to speak with Gordo. They head to a shack and knock on the door. The door is answered by a female that Fiona greets as Maggie, Gordo’s wife. She seems happy to see Fiona, but like everyone else in the town, is obviously nervous about something. She invites them in, and goes to make some tea. Fiona leads Wyoming to Gordo’s study.

They find Gordo at his desk. Wyoming convinces him to open up about the town’s troubles. He says it’s hard to explain, it would be easier to show her. As the tea is served, Wyoming asks Gordo about the vegetarianism, and Gordo explains that it’s a choice they all made when they left the Coalition. and the later generations have kept with it.

After tea, Gordo leads Fiona and Wyoming to the town hall. There they meet Loyal, a female Dogboy wearing Coalition armor and armed to the teeth. She says that the entire town is under arrest.