The Tomorrow Legion: Session 15 (July 20 2017)

About a Week Ago:

Puck has been unconscious for about a week after the incident with Herr Reisen. Shortly after he wakes up, his PDA pings, informing him that he has an appointment.

When he gets to the conference room, there are three individuals waiting for him. He recognizes Gustavus, who introduces the other two as Silk and Sera. They discuss Herr Reisen briefly, and then the conversation turns to Puck’s initial request to speak with other technomancers in the Legion. Silk says that Puck has a large amount of raw talent, but it needs to be refined. Sera asks Puck if he follows a higher power, and he says that he hasn’t really thought about it.

Gustavus brings the conversation back to the subject of training. He asks Puck what role he sees for himself in his group. He says he hasn’t really through about that either. He mentions stealth and recon, but is a bit nervous about the prospect of being the crew’s intel specialist, as he’s not the best educated. They advise him to spend time taking advantage of the castle’s extensive library.

He asks how Reisen reached him. They explain that physical distance doesn’t matter when making telepathic contact with someone you know. However, they tell Puck that he was able to do something that no one else has been able to do. He mentions that the others were drawn into the construct, and they tell him he was the one that did that.

They tell him they’ll be around when he has more specific questions.

Back in the Present:

The crew responds to the ping on their PDA, and assemble for a briefing. Stevens assigns Argyle, Wyoming, and Puck to assist in a rescue mission. He keeps the briefing short.

A rescue team was sent out to pick up a Coalition defector named Dr. Harris, but they are overdue, and there’s been no word.

The crew’s first priority is to locate the other team and ascertain what happened, and if their mission is incomplete, to complete it if possible. He gives them details on Dr. Harris and the first team, as well as the location of the extraction point and the supposed rendezvous point.

Stevens turns to Mason and tells him he has a different mission for him. The rest of the crew files out.

The crew gets loaded up and heads for the launch pad. Wyoming is bringing her Glitterboy armor, but the terrain involved will not be friendly to Argyle’s bike, so he leaves it behind. Everybody climbs aboard.

There are five other individuals that Stevens introduces as Burke, Frost, Gorman, Vasquez, and Hicks. Stevens informs them that they have 48 hours to get to the rendezvous. The plane takes off. There’s some banter amongst the other crew.

Mason is dropped off first. They clamp a device to his back, and open the hatch, and he takes off. The hatch closes and the plane changes course.

The flight takes about an hour. Puck introduces himself to the others, and reads up on the missing team, as well as the subject himself, Dr. Harris.

When they approach the landing zone, Wyoming has to scramble to get into her Glitterboy, and the moment they touch down, everyone rushes to disembark.

They find themselves in a very dense forest, and Argyle can see why they recommended he leave his bike at home. Everyone is glad to have full environmental armor, as the air is hot and humid. The ground is spongy due to the dense undergrowth.

The team spreads out to form a wide picket line to start a standard search formation. Argyle’s danger sense alerts him that there’s definitely something out there. The heat and humidity are playing havoc with everyone’s thermal vision.

Several hours in, Wyoming’s higher vantage point allows her to spot evidence of something having moved through the trees at height. She alerts the rest of the team.

Argyle scans the radio for any chatter. He doesn’t find anything on the channel the original team was using, but on one of the other channels, he stumbles across a type of static, but he thinks he can just barely make out a pattern to it. One of the others pipes up and says it’s encrypted.

Puck looks up, and a glint of something catches his eye. He quietly mentions it to Wyoming, and when she looks up, she sees five human bodies that have been skinned and strung up. She begins the process of lowering them down to the ground. Then she starts digging a grave.

Puck advocates examining the bodies to learn what they can about what they’re up against. The B team is against him messing with the bodies, but Argyle backs him up, saying that it’s their best chance of surviving.

Burke goes to each one and takes bits from each one. Wyoming and Puck get a closer look at the bodies, and all they can determine is that they died violently. The bodies are buried and the grave is filled in, and the team gets back to work.

Hudson quietly informs the rest that they’re coming up on the rendezvous point. He advises Wyoming to hang back a bit, and invites Argyle to come up and see what he’s found.

Hudson is near the treeline, and beyond it, Argyle can see a Coalition base. The structure is as tall as three stories in places, but it all has the look of something temporary. All around it are patrolling Skelebots and Deadboys.

Wyoming attempts to anchor her Glitterboy armor, but the spikes can’t make contact due to the soft ground.

Argyle and Hudson head back, and the team confers. Wyoming suggests that she walk right up to them and create a distraction, and the rest of the team can sneak in and try to find Dr. Harris.

Puck does an invisible fly-by to gather more intel on the complex. He gets a good view of the complex itself, and spots about a dozen Deadboys, and around the same number of Skelebots. He notices large door that is likely a garage. There are spotlights, but they aren’t on at the moment, as it’s the middle of the day. There is nothing in the way of antenna.

He heads back and reports on what he’s found. The plan is for Wyoming and Frost to make a loud distraction.