7th Sea: Desperate Measures – Session 02 (October 12 2018)

My Kingdom for a Ship, Part 1

The next morning, Signe, Abul, Enzo, Eric and Christof discuss their next move over breakfast. Abul knows that an Odynsee ship will be heading to Kirkwall to pick up the first shipment of Mist of the Moor whiskey, but doesn’t know the details. Signe says she has a ship, but it is not yet ready to sail. She proposes they draw up a contract to cement their endeavor to recover the whiskey as the first strike against the company.

The groups splits up. Enzo takes Christof and Abul to see a guy who might know about where the ship carrying the whiskey might be. Signe and Eric go to check on the status of the ship and possibly help it along.

Enzo heads down to the docks to see his guy in Vendel, Keld Jacobsen, a supervisor in a local ATC-owned warehouse. Keld is happy to see Enzo, and says he’ll ask around.

When Enzo returns an hour later, Keld informs him that an Odynsee ship by the name of The Golden Falcon was sent to Kirkwall, and is likely arriving there about now. After they load up their cargo, they’re destined for Costa, and will likely arrive in about a week, barring any unforeseen obstacles. Once they make port, the barrels will be offloaded and taken to Kirk by cart.

Signe and Eric head to the shipyards. Upon arriving at the Thorvald & Sons shipyard, they can see the ship in question, which is still under construction. Most notably, it is missing its mainmast, and much of the interior work is yet to be done. Signe speaks to Ejnar Thorvaldsen, head of the company (his father Thorvald having long since retired). Ejnar says that the ship is scheduled to be finished in three months, as they weren’t expecting her parents to claim it until six months from now.

Signe negotiates for Ejnar to shuffle around his work crews from other projects and reassign everyone to work on her ship, and he expects to have it finished within the week. She also requests some minor modifications to be made in the form of mounts for deck guns (she does not want actual cannon, as they will slow the ship down too much). When she requests that Ejnar not inform her parents of any of this, he readily agrees, which leads Signe to believe that he is padding his invoices to them (and she has no problem with this).