7th Sea: Desperate Measures – Session 07 (November 23 2018)

Back at Ulfgar’s house, lunch is served. Signe questions her uncle further regarding the Vaticine priests. He says he did not speak with them personally, but his friend Ditlev reported that they were looking for some escaped fugitives: one from Castille, the other from Avalon. He says the word ‘heretic’ was used.

Pattern Recognition, Part 1

Signe changes the subject and asks about learning more about the Futhark. Ulfgar advises that she speak to their Aunt Ragna. Ragna Svenningsdotr is actually Signe’s third cousin twice removed, but everyone in Klorhulg calls her “Aunt Ragna”. She has a bit of a reputation, but her abilities are beyond reproach. Many years ago, Signe learned what little she knows of the runes from her grandmother, who learned from Ragna many years before that.

Ulfgar asks Signe what her plans are after leaving town. She admits that she did not have the foresight nor the opportunity to make a copy of her parents’ shipping schedule before leaving Vendel. Enzo says that doesn’t matter too much, as shipping schedules always change. He says the real trick is to know who to ask about the comings and goings at various ports. Ulfgar recommends that someone go ask questions at the docks, and that the person to talk to is a man named William Morgensen. Enzo and Hjalmar volunteer for the task.

A Captain’s Captain, Part 2

Enzo and Hjalmar head to the docks. Enzo sees an old blind man begging in the center of it all, and notices that the man seems to be aware of more than he should. He walks up and drops a guilder in the old helmet that the man is using as a begging bowl, and introduces himself. The man is in fact William Morgensen. Enzo asks about ships belonging to the Odynsee Package Company. William extorts 50 guilders for his information (along with his promise of silence), and tells them about a ship called The Handmaid that has recently left Carleon, loaded down with what he strongly hints is gunpowder. It is destined for Charouse by way of The Sinueuse River. It has a good head start, and Klorhulg is quite a long way away, but the ship is travelling extremely slowly due to the careful handling of the cargo. Enzo thanks William for the information.

Ulfgar takes Signe and Abul to meet his mysterious buyer. On the way, Signe speaks to Abul about the contract they signed. She asks if he intends to continue to serve on the ship, or if he is satisfied and wants to go his own way. Abul says he is happy to continue to serve as the ship’s surgeon. He says he has greater plans that will require startup capital, and that their endeavors aboard the Magpie will serve as a fine replacement for his previous business venture.

Ulfgar leads them down an unmarked alley to an unadorned door and knocks. The slot in the door opens, and someone asks for a password. Ulfgar clunks his axe against the door, and it is quickly unlocked. Ulfgar leads Signe and Abul inside, and they meet Simon Poulsen. Ulfgar makes a passing comment about Simon being dead.

Simon samples the Mist of the Moor, and likes it. He and Signe negotiate, and eventually settle on a price for the entire shipment [5 Wealth]. Simon says he looks forward to doing business with her in the future. They head back to the ship to find Enzo and Hjalmar going over the map. Plans are discussed as to how to intercept the Handmaid and relieve her of her cargo.

Ulfgar has also given Hjalmar the location of a cove about three miles east along the coast from Klorhulg, and says if they ever need to lie low or make repairs, they can do it there.