7th Sea: Desperate Measures – Session 11 (December 21 2018)

Know Your Enemy, Part 3

Signe brings Lt Lorenzen his breakfast in the morning, and finds his demeanor much changed. Not only does he understand the danger the financial scheme represents, he wants to help Signe’s cause. He proposes that he be sent back to Vendel as a double agent, where he can work to nudge any investigations in the wrong direction, and feed Signe updates and valuable intel. He also proposes allowing him to speak to Captain Jespersen, in order to convince him to switch sides as well. He says he knows the man very well, and knows him to be a man of honor who will not want to sit idly by while such an injustice as Odynsee’s scheme is being perpetrated. He also says he is concerned for the welfare of his family in Vendel. Signe says that Rasmus is more valuable continuing in his current capacity, as Enzo will need experienced officers on his new ship. Regarding his family, she suggests that having them deliver the ransom be part of the demand, and that will get them safely out of the city. Regarding the Captain, she says she will need to confer with her cohorts.

Signe gathers Abul, Enzo, Eric, and Christof and discusses the Lt and the Captain over breakfast. They are in agreement that the Lt can be trusted, as he is an idealist and wears his heart on his sleeve. They debate the pros and cons of bringing the Captain in on the plan, and the prospect of sending him back to Vendel as a mole. Signe admits that if the Captain remains loyal to Odynsee after the information is revealed to him, he will have to die. Abul and Eric believe it to be too much of a risk to tell him anything and are in favor of simply sending him home ignorant, while Enzo and Christof recognize the value of having someone on the inside. In the end, Signe decides to chance it, though she takes some precautions.

Signe borrows the inn’s large grey tomcat, Hans, and casts the runes, using the same ones as with the bear. The cat is surprised that she can speak to him, but is in a generally pleasant mood, and agrees to her request to watch the Captain while he and Signe converse. Hans agrees with Signe’s assertion that cats are excellent judges of character.

Signe brings Hans and Lt Lorentzen into Captain Jespersen’s room. Rasmus explains Odynsee’s scheme to the Captain in as much detail as he believes the Captain will understand. Jespersen has a similar reaction to the news, and agrees that something must be done. Signe acknowledges that the Captain would be taking on a significant amount of personal risk in returning to Vendel, but also points out that she is investing a great deal of trust in him as well. After that, Signe declares the Captain and Rasmus free to go, and they head outside for a much needed walk.

The plan then is as follows:

  1. Ransom letters for Captain Jespersen and Lt Lorentzen will be sent to the Odynsee offices. Part of the demand is that Lorenzten’s family are to deliver the payment (location to be determined).
  2. Upon receipt of the payment (assuming Signe’s parents agree to pay), the Captain will head for Vendel, while the Lt will remain with Enzo’s crew, and his family will settle in Klorhulg.
  3. The Captain will send his own family away shortly, ostensibly to see his wife’s sister, but they will also travel to Klorhulg.
  4. The Captain will keep Signe informed of Odynsee’s business, as well as do his best to throw a wrench into any investigations.

Enzo speaks to Blind William about hiring crew, and William gives him a couple of names. Enzo takes note and gives William a couple coins, but goes to see Simon Poulsen first. Simon is happy to offload a half dozen guys but warns that they’ll need to lie low whenever Enzo makes port.

Enzo speaks to Peter Sommerson, one of the names given by William. Peter is able to promise as many deckhands as Enzo needs, but some of them may take some time to wrangle. This is fine, as Enzo only needs a skeleton crew to move the Handmaid to the cove, and isn’t planning on sailing until after the ransom job is done.

Abul spends some time collecting samples of local lichen, and taking lots of notes. Christof goes with him to keep an eye out for danger.