7th Sea: Desperate Measures – Session 16 (February 08 2019)

The crew arrives at Carleon in the early evening. Signe has heard stories of the city, but has never seen it in person, and is awed by the sheer size of it.

On the docks, they are met by the harbormaster, and Signe works out the details of registering the ships. Christof and Eric organize the duty rosters for each of their respective crews, and Signe pays everyone who’s going ashore, advising that they plan to set sail again in five days. Otto elects to stay aboard the Jackdaw for the duration, as he is a wanted man in Carleon. Count Vicente elects to stay aboard the Magpie until arrangements can be made for him to be moved to a safehouse in disguise. After that, he can worry about getting a message to his friend Lord Alexander Coulthurst.

Enzo looks up his buddy Henry Bruckner, a stevedore who has his ear to the comings and goings in the city, and asks if he’s heard anything about a pirate attack out in the Trade Sea. Henry hasn’t heard anything about it, but he has heard of an attack by Vesten Raiders on a Vendel ship, and the Raiders didn’t kill the crew, but dropped them off on an island off Montaigne. Regarding the attack Enzo asked about, Henry speculates that if it’s not Raiders, it’s an independent crew. He says he will keep an ear open, and let him know if anything interesting comes up. It’s been quite a while since Enzo was last in Carleon, so he decides to invite Henry out drinking with the rest of the crew, and introduces Henry to Signe at the Bird and Babe tavern.

Late that night, Enzo walks a very inebriated Henry back to his house.

Trust No One, Part 3

Abul heads for the University of Avalon to look for Professor Gabriel Colmer. he finds professor Colmer’s office in the College of History. The Professor is reluctant to speak at first, until Abul shows him Barnaby’s letter. The Professor reads it, and then proceeds to question Abul regarding his background and education. As a test, he asks Abul to decipher a piece of encoded text, which Abul is able to do without hesitation. After satisfying his own curiosity, he explains to Abul that Alfonso and Barnaby have vouched for him, but gave instructions to question Abul further before weighing the decision to recruit him. The professor gives a brief history of the Invisible College, and states that it’s primarily composed of Vaticine scientists who have decided to continue their studies in defiance of the orders of the Inquisition, but there are a couple of members, such as the Professor himself, who are not Vaticine, but nevertheless are sympathetic to the College’s plight. In the end, the Professor is happy to have made a new friend.