The Porcelain Dolls: Session 20 (June 15 2016)

Aftermath of The Church Merch Search & Lurch:

  • Payout: 6
  • Rep: 4
  • Heat: +2 (3 total)
  • Entanglement: The Usual Suspects. Spogg gets nabbed in a raid of his gambling house, and the crew pays 2 Coin to get him out before he says anything that might incriminate Boots or the rest of the crew.

Downtime Actions:

Gloves reduces Stress by going shopping again, this time for the perfect pair of shoes at Auberto Finelli’s (“Purveyor of Fine Footwear for the Distinguished Gentleman for Over 30 Years”), and trains Prowess.

Gears reduces Stress by dissecting the dead body that Constance brought from the fire. He still has a day or so before it becomes dangerous, and preserving the vital organs in jars is fine, as long as the bulk of the body is dissolved with electroplasm. Once that’s done, he finishes the construction project to build crew quarters. Constance gets on everyone’s case to move in, as she wants them close at hand from now on.

Boots (coming off of a gambling binge) helps reduce Heat (by 2), and trains Personal.

Kamali reduces Stress (she’s staying away from the Veil for a while, so she takes advantage of having her own room for once), works on healing her gunshot wound, and spends some time making Frake a friend. She wins the chess game this time, and shows him sketches of the Turner 302. Frake asks if she will take him along the next time she goes to visit Clermont’s house.

Constance works on healing her burns, and reduces Stress. Yanth Agog tells her to go to Coalridge, where saves a pregnant woman from being trampled by a carriage by standing in the middle of the street and staring down the charging goats, who stumble all over themselves while skidding to a stop, and end up on their knees in front of her. She helps the woman gather up her groceries, and it turns out she’s a believer.


The meat of this session was downtime stuff. I think players are really doing themselves a disservice if they treat this phase as strictly bookkeeping, dealing with their actions in a perfunctory manner. These actions (and the scenes that result from them) are your chance to see how your characters live day to day, how they spend their time.