The Porcelain Dolls: Session 4 (February 24th 2016)

The crew goes to see Fitz, one of their contacts. He is a collector of antiquities who runs a shop in Six Towers, and occasionally hires the crew to acquire certain items for him. This time he wants them to retrieve a curious bronze statue recently brought in from Tycheros that is currently being held by the Dockers until Fitz agrees to pay their exorbitant customs & handling fees. He offers the crew 4 Coin and the opportunity to take whatever else they want from the warehouse where the statue is being kept.

The Bronze Statue Job:

They stake out the warehouse and Constance notes the comings and goings of the guards. Boots looks for a way in, which he finds in the form of a skylight. Shade performs a ritual to take over a swarm of rats, so he can scope out the inside of the building without being detected, and in the process locates the statue. When they’re ready to do the job, Constance provides a distraction to the guards on the outside as only Constance can, while Boots and Shade go in via the roof. Boots ends up twisting his ankle a bit on the way down. The only opposition inside is in the office off to the side, so Boots and Shade shove one of the heavy crates up against the door as quietly as they can, and then let Constance in the side door once the outside guards are all knocked out. They retrieve the statue, and a number of other valuables, and quietly make their escape.

They get 3 Rep for going up against the Dockers and lots of Coin: 4 for the statue, and another 6 for the other stuff they stole. They receive a minimal amount of Heat, but there was still a hell of a lot from the last job. The Entanglement roll resulted in Demonic Attention, which I will follow up on later.


Apologies for the sparseness of this post, I actually had to recreate this entry from memory.