The Porcelain Dolls: Session 8 (April 6th 2016)

The Hit List Job (Part 2):

On the third night of scoping out the Bell & Birch, Gloves gets some more useful info on the locals, but has to sacrifice his winnings to throw off suspicion.

Kamali susses out the weak spots in the Lampblacks’ operation at the Bell & Birch. There is a back room which is the cash vault, secured by a stout metal door with a combination lock, and only the pit boss Danfield has the combo, until Kamali manages to observe him opening it. She also has information on the security arrangements. While the place is open for business, cash is stored in a strongbox behind the bar, which is transferred to the vault after the places closes down (hours of operation are from about 5pm to 6am). In fact, the only time the vault is opened with customers in the place is when Baszo’s man Brock comes in, whispers something urgent to Danfield, who opens the door long enough to retrieve a bag of coin, looking annoyed the entire time.

Shade follows Tocker home, and watches her indulge her own vice, a small drop of unrefined leviathan blood on the gums. She takes a nap before returning to the Bell & Birch for the night shift.

Kamali stays on at the place a couple of days to round out the list. The remaining names:

  • Merril Brime: Information broker, owns the Hooded Fox.
  • Jira: Merchant in the Night Market. Also a smuggler.
  • Ereth Skane: an advocate with unseemly vices (Shade has seen him in Setarra’s brothel).
  • Stavrul Kardera: Member of the Skovlan Consulate.
  • Sevoy: Ink Rake.
  • Lannic: Art forger.
  • Remira: Whisper.
  • Lady Drake: A local magistrate who is currently on the Lampblacks’ payroll.

After her shift, Kamali follows Lady Drake home and decides to leave her off the list. The crew delivers the remaining names to Mylera, who is pleased.

Later that night, Boots catches someone entering the factory by the rooftop entrance. As Boots holds the intruder at gunpoint, both of them exclaim at the same time: “What are you doing in my house?!”


I was able to correct my earlier problem with the clocks by holding myself to narrating direct in-game results for every tick of a clock. Whenever Gloves got a success on advancing The Regulars, I gave him another name, and some details about the person. When Kamali got a success on advancing SOP, I gave her specific details about how the place handled customers, cash flow, scheduling, etc.