Ben’s Character Sheets

A few years back, I made a bit of a name for myself doing character sheets for various RPGs. I’ve recently had some free time on my hands, so I set about updating a few of these sheets, and can now proudly present them here. A lot has happened in the field of color printing technology in the last 8 years (which is how long it’s been since most of these were updated), so most of these are in full color now. If you don’t have a color printer they should still print out alright in B&W. Also, most of them have forms you can fill out and then print the sheet with your character’s stats in place. It’s only a limitation of the PDF standard that this isn’t a feature on all of them, and as soon as Acrobat allows free rotating of form fields in increments less than 90 degrees, I’ll fix the rest.

— Ben

Amber Diceless

Apocalypse World 2nd Edition

Full disclosure: These are not my creations. They are just Vincent’s original sheets with form fields added.

Blades in the Dark

Cyberpunk 2020

Cyberpunk Red

Dark Refuge



Dungeons & Dragons – Fifth Edition

Some background on this one: I can’t claim credit for creating this. The folks at Wizards did a really great job creating a sheet that was well laid out, and most importantly, didn’t look like a tax form. What’s more, the artwork in the sheet was all vector objects, so I didn’t have to redraw anything. All I did was add a nifty background, change the colors, and pretty up the text (I did monkey with the Hit Points box a bit).

Anyway, the form is as automated as I could reasonably get it. Ability modifiers, save bonuses, and skill check bonuses are all calculated automatically. Additionally, Adobe finally realized that it’s not 1996 anymore, so you can click on the Portrait section on page 2 and add an image. Page 3 is optional for spellcasting classes.




Legend of the Five Rings (4th Edition)

Mouse Guard



Pulp Era


  • Character Sheet (Pages 1 & 2 are the character sheet, page 3 is the Demon sheet)



Tales From the Fallen Empire


* Form-fillable