7th Sea: Desperate Measures – Session 17 (February 15 2019)

Signe takes Dorotea to the marketplace to get her outfitted, since Dorotea does not own any clothes appropriate for a secretary. They find themselves at Lupton & Grofhurst, Fine Ladies’ Fashions. Signe talks to the proprietor, Powell, while Dorotea’s measurements are taken by his assistant Galwell. Signe makes it clear that she expects the clothes to be ready the same day, and is quoted a fairly reasonable price, all things considered. Powell recommends a coffee house near the southern docks called Holbrook’s, where Signe can conduct her business transactions.

Signe goes out into the marketplace, finds Richard the blacksmith, who is able to craft some fittings to mount a spyglass atop a rifle. She buys a spyglass from Elias the glass smith. She asks Richard if he has ever considered branching out to other cities, and he is mystified at the prospect.

Abul has lunch with Professor Colmer, who asks him to take a packet of papers to his associate Domenzio Sartore in Mondavi. Abul agrees, since this will give him an excuse to speak to the man, since Signe wants to consult a mathematician. Abul shares a copy of his notes on the lichen samples he collected at Klorhulg and their effects when processed, and says they can be shared with the College. Colmer encourages him to continue experimenting with the elixirs.

A Castillian, a Vodacce, and an Avalonian Walk Into a Bar, Part 1

Enzo speaks with Rasmus, warning him that some of the Magpie’s crew have ended up in Carleon. He engineers a disguise for Rasmus, darkening his skin and hair, and generally making him look more Vodacce than Vesten. They go to speak with Vicente, asking if there was anything distinctive aboard the Carnation that might turn up after being sold by the pirates. Vicente remembers that he had brought several cases of his family’s wine with him. Vicente commends Enzo’s efforts to disguise Rasmus, and Enzo suggests disguising Vicente in a similar fashion.

Enzo heads out into the city to look for black marketeers. In an alley he meets Oswyn, a shifty fellow running a game of 3 Card Monty, who is guarded by several street children. He asks Oswyn about the wine, and is directed to a warehouse on the docks owned by A&M Shipping and told to ask for Francis.

Enzo meets with Francis, the foreman at the A&M warehouse. Enzo asks about the wine, and learns that it came from a man named Roland, who is crew aboard the Erebus, which was docked in the city several days ago, and may still be around. He also learns that the crew of the Erebus can generally be found at Morgan’s Roost when they’re in town.

That afternoon, Dorotea’s new outfit is delivered, and Signe coaches her on how to act during the business transactions. She accompanies Signe to Holbrook’s, where Signe negotiates several business deals for the sale of the goods they brought from Klorhulg for 3 Wealth (50% profit). Dorotea keeps quiet during the exchange, but takes copious notes, and has many questions afterward.

The crew meets for dinner aboard the Magpie. Signe doesn’t recognize Rasmus at first. Enzo shows Signe the wine and explains that the Erebus was here (and may still be).

Signe proposes confronting the crew of the Erebus, but Vicente is reluctant to ask the crew to put themselves in danger. Signe suggests Enzo use his newly cultivated reputation to move amongst the Erebus’ crew, and learn what transpired aboard the Carnation before it was sunk.

Vicente outlines his plan to have Enzo disguise him so he can move about, and he will attempt to contact Lord Coulthurst.