7th Sea: Desperate Measures – Session 19 (April 19 2019)

A Castillian, a Vodacce, and an Avalonian Walk Into a Bar, Part 2

Enzo has found himself a spot at the table for a friendly card game with some of the crew of the Erebus, including Roland Moore the quartermaster, and Captain Joshua Blackwood, formerly of the Crimson Hangman. They deal him into the card game, and proceed to have a friendly, if guarded conversation over the course of many hands, and several rounds of drinks. Enzo is able to find an opportunity to slip Abul’s truth pills into everyone’s drinks when it’s his turn to cover a round.

Enzo learns that the attack on the Carnation was in fact a random incident, and their intention was to hijack the ship’s cargo without violence, but the explosion was caused by an overzealous crew member that escaped custody and lit a fire in the magazine. The Erebus lost 6 crew in the resulting explosion and was badly damaged, and barely managed to limp home.

Enzo returns to the Magpie and relates what he has learned. He asks for her blessing in endeavoring to ensure that the crew of the Erebus evades capture for being pirates.

Enzo writes a note warning Blackwood that he and his crew may be in danger and they should leave town as soon as possible, and has Viktor deliver it to David the bartender. later that evening, Captain Blackwood’s boatswain Maksim is spotted on the docks, keeping watch on the Magpie. Enzo slips overboard from the jackdaw, and goes the long way around to approach and speak to him. Maksim says the Captain appreciates Enzo’s gesture, but that, as members of the Sea Dogs, they are protected. Enzo reiterates his concern, and Maksim says they will take it under advisement.

The next morning, Signe has breakfast with Count Vicente. Eric, Christof, Abul, and Enzo are there as well. Signe informs Vicente that the pirate attack seems to have been a random occurrence, and the explosion was caused by one of the Carnation’s own crew. The possibility is voiced that someone in Vicente’s crew may have had their own reasons for sabotaging the ship. Signe insists that if Vicente intends to leave the ship at any time, he take an armed escort with him. He agrees.

Signe declares her intention to visit the Church of Avalon, and invites Abul and Eric to join her. They set out across town, taking the long way around so as to avoid the Vaticine Church. Signe intends to visit it as well, but not with Abul in tow. They pass by the Vendel League headquarters as well as Castle Glenayre and the large statue of Elilodd, first King of Avalon, before finding themselves in front of the Grand Chapel of the Church of Avalon. Mass has just concluded, and they pass by parishioners filing out as they enter. Signe sees the large stained glass windows with the monarchs of Avalon both past and present. Eric provides a brief history of the Church of Avalon, from its founding by King Richard IV in 1554, as well as addressing some finer points of CoA doctrine and how it differs from its Vaticine forbearer. The CoA priest approaches, and answers some additional questions. Signe thanks him for his time, and excuses herself to go visit the Vaticine Church for a comparison.