The Porcelain Dolls: Session 11 (April 21 2016)

The Luxury Fence Claim:

Kamali goes to meet with Rolan to set up the meeting with her supplier. Rolan gives her an address in Nightmarket and writes a letter of introduction. Kamali meets with Mordis, a mysterious Severosi with a number of business concerns. Kamali gives him the letter, and he leads her to his office, where they negotiate the volume and price of purchase. Kamali arranges for half the shipment of Blue Cloud to be delivered to Basran that same night (paying 3 Coin in the process), and the other half when it becomes available in two weeks’ time (at which point the other 3 Coin will be due).

The next day, a valet named Corville arrives at the Leaky Bucket to inform the crew that Lady Casslyn of the Hive would like to meet with them. Constance, Gears, and Boots go to meet with Lady Casslyn. After a shaky start, Constance manages to intimidate Casslyn, and they agree that the Dolls will do one job in return for letting Basran go. The Hive presents itself as a legitimate business concern, and prefers to have other organizations do its dirty work. They have kept out of narcotics as a rule, and allowing Basran to deal in them could be potentially damaging to their legal status. In order to buy out Basran’s contract, the Dolls will need to perform a service for the Hive. They can do this by sending a message to the Dockers, one that they will recognize as coming from the Hive, but will not be obvious to outsiders. Their foreman is a man called Farros. Pending the successful completion of the job for the Hive, the Dolls have secured the services of Basran as their Luxury Fence.

Tomas shows up at the Leaky Bucket with two messenger crows in cages, as well as instructions on how to train them. Gear sets about building a rookery on the roof.


I decided a couple of sessions ago that the Crows have one legitimate business: a messenger service. Maybe we’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones. They way it works is simple. There is a particular breed of bird called Messenger Crows, about the size of doves, with matte black feathers (in contrast to the Deathseeker Ravens, which are about twice as large, and their feathers have an oily sheen), that have a homing ability similar to Carrier Pigeons. Organizations (or less frequently, individuals) that have a contract with The Crows will have several birds trained specifically to fly between The Crows’ clock tower in Crows Foot, and a destination of the client’s choosing. Thus, the clock tower becomes the hub of a city-wide communications network. A crows flies in to the tower bearing a message, the container is transferred to a bird bound for the listed destination, and the original bird is sent back with an acknowledgement that the message is being relayed. The Crows never ever EVER open or interfere with the messages in any way. No. not ever. That would be wrong. To even suggest that this might happen is to invite Lyssa’s wrath. Now, this does put them in competition with the Cyphers, doesn’t it? Won’t that be interesting?